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Snagged in the busyness trap this week?

Busyness Trap: Are you snagged in it?

Spider web woven between tree branches to depict the Busyness Trap which renders us ineffective.
Has the Busyness Trap snagged you in its web?

The Busyness Trap Does Exist

The Busyness Trap is real. As you know, we are all about over-simplification here. The busyness trap occurs when we are doing things without appropriate planning and purpose. Perhaps another way to say this is “being busy for busy’s sake”. Have you ever been snagged by this trap?

Snagged in the Busyness Trap

Funny question isn’t it? Sooner or later we all get snagged by that busyness bug. Don’t we? Recently my schedule brought me to my knees. It was packed. Some how it was over-packed and I couldn’t figure out why. Yes, I take on a good amount, as I’m sure you do too. However, last month was different. There was something more going on.

Living in the Busyness Trap

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I was caught in the busyness trap until I was already living in it for over a month! Can you relate to this? I focus a great deal on creating balance in my life. Balance is attainable and it’s important for Business Owners-Leaders’ effectiveness. Yet, somehow I was off my game and just moving through many tasks. It was as if I was on a battlefield of ole and just slaying one dragon after another. Why? Because I could!

It was crazy. The more ground I covered, the more appeared for me to traverse. It was getting exhausting. I felt like I was trapped in a spider web. Trapped; yet, able to move around in the web and only the web. Here’s the kicker: when we are doing this, the web just grows and grows. It’s similar to those unstoppable bad dreams.

Releasing Yourself

How do you get out of the sticky busyness trap? It get easier once you’re aware you’ve been living in it. Once you realize it, you get to make a choice: continue on it or leap off it. If you want to continue, you will. If you want relief, you will do more than jump. You will take a leap, even blindly, to get out of the trap.

To get relief, I deeply dive into planning. I’ve found with detailed planning, I gain sanity and control of my schedule again. I learned this from Meg Whitman circa 1999. I remember I read an article where she discussed how she avoids busyness. Meg shared how she would rather accomplish less tasks at 100% than complete more tasks that weren’t 100% complete. This has served me well for 15 years now. I have to agree with her.

Are you caught in the Busyness Trap?

Get up and move away from your workplace. Ideally, go outside – even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Notice how nature thrives when it gains balance. Now it’s your turn. Find your calendar and schedule your day’s work, including breaks and your quitting time. Then do it for the rest of the week and next week. The last step is self-discipline: adhere to your new plan.

Please feel free to share in comments what happens for you to notice you’re in the busyness trap and/or what you do to get out and improve your performance again…


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p. s.: It’s summer time here in the States. Don’t get caught in the busyness trap. Mix up your routine and go play a little more while the weather is favorable.


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