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1 tip for weekly goals supporting overarching goals

Never-ending weekly goals depicted by Amish family in field a father with 2 black hoses pulling a hay bales and boy and girl my one that is completed.
Do your weekly goals feel like they are this grand?

Weekly goals support your quarterly and annual goals
or your overarching goals to succeed

Weekly goals – every Business Owner-Leader has them. Weekly goals are a great way to concentrate your focus on what must be accomplished. Daily goals are too. Everything we are discussing about weekly goals is applicable to daily goals as well.

Weekly goals support your major goals:

I’ve noticed that some people are still very tight on their weekly goals. This is quite an accomplishment and for some reason a monumental feat during summertime for most Business Owner-Leaders. What I’m noticing is most people are getting sloppy and lazy regarding their goal setting and actions to accomplish their goals. Is this you?

Typically larger goals are divided into phases or timelines with milestones, which ultimately breakdown into weekly and/or daily goals. Then we go about checking off these enormous never-ending lists of things to keep us very busy. Sound familiar? Sure it does.

Do your Weekly Goals Lists include your smaller fragmented action items of your overarching goals or are they filled with busy-ness items?

I’m hearing plenty of people share with me how they aren’t able to keep up with everything on their lists. I can relate to this. During times when I realize I’ve become lazy or sloppy with my weekly goals, I get right back at it and write everything out again. This activity alone re-orients me.

Leading transformation depicted with an image of lines zig-zagging to reveal "action in motion".
Leading transformation requires action in a new way

1 Tip for Effective Weekly Goals:

This is an adaption from Stephen R. Covey’s book (1994), “First Things First”. Keep a “Perhaps” List. Covey references how our traditional “To Do List” becomes never-ending and we should add a “Perhaps” List to our repertoire. These lists are very different and help us stay in integrity of what we need to accomplish.

Perhaps List: Things to consider in the future. Covey states, “Writing here does not mean it’s a goal or commitment. Perhaps you’ll do it; perhaps you won’t.”(p. 148)

To Do List: Items you have committed to completing. This list is important because this is what gives you traction by the actions you take. When you fulfill this list you are in integrity of your word.

Weekly Goals Bonus:
Complete your To Do List first. Then move on to your Perhaps List, if you are so inclined. 

NOTE: When separating these two lists you’re self-management capabilities will soar. You will feel as if you have control over your schedule instead of it holding you hostage.

Feel free to leave a comment or question regarding adding a “Perhaps List” to ease your weekly goals to support your business’s performance. I’ll be happy to respond.


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p. s. I started doing this and I’m enjoying how I feel better about what I am accomplishing each day. Want to learn how “Perhaps” was utilized in the great and latest “Mission Impossible” movie? Read our next blog this Wednesday!


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