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Performance: Personal Goals Review

                     Performance: Personal Goals Review

Performance of Individual Professional Goals Matter by
Performance of Individual Professional Goals Matter

Performance… Do you know what your goals should support?
Are your personal performance goals aligned with the business’s?
Have you simplified your personal performance goals?

 For several weeks we have been knee-deep in the “performance” discussion. I guess that beats “knee-deep in the hoopla” discussion! Actually, I know it does 🙂 Planning for outstanding performance definitely keeps you out of the hoopla more often than not.

Personal Performance Goals support the overall Business Goals

Personal Performance Goals support the overall Business Goals – or at least they should! Yes, what a business needs is everyone focusing their concentrated efforts of fulfilling the Business Goals. The US Army came up with a great slogan to support this: The Army of One. The Army of One expresses the significance of an individual contributor as being outstanding and high performing, which then ultimately helps fulfill the mission and satisfy the Business’s Goals.

Each person within the business should have a strong job description (click here to learn more about job descriptions) to help fulfill the mission. When a job description is formed in this manner, it provides clarity to the individual so the can have a strong personal performance. Imagine what would happen if each person in an organization started showing up as a strong individual of nothing less than high performance. OK, that may be a fantasy… so what about if just half of your staff showed up with performance that was outstanding and in alignment to fulfill the Business’s Goals. Do you think the goals might be met?

Simplify your Personal Performance Goals

If the statistics for your particular job were that you needed to make 40 marketing calls a day to generate the necessary revenue the business seeks to actualize, what would you do? Would you spend time emailing everyone? Would you save your 40 calls for your last action item? How about creating newsletters? Spend too much time around the water cooler? No!

If you were committed to success, you’d make the calls first thing so you could spend the balance of your work day performing support activities. Alright, now that we have this established, the next question is how would you perform this task? Remember: simplification supports success.

Would you have your list created the night before so when you began your work day you would start with the most important task? (YES, is the answer.) Would you create a simple call list? (Yes) Or try to fill everything in each data field? (No)  Would you document that you called and the date and what the next steps are in the process? (YES, is the answer.) Keeping this simple and progressing through to the next steps is all we are concentrating on here. Simplicity helps you progress.

8 Steps to Improving Performance to Support Business Goals:

  1. Select a single Business Goal.
  2. Review who has the greatest impact for this goal.
  3. Discuss the significance of this goal with that person.
  4. Learn what they think would be the best way to accomplish the goals.
  5. Co-create a simple plan to guide their performance to fulfilling this simplified goal.
  6. Allow them to take right action/s to improve their performance.
  7. Watch how quickly your goal is being satisfied.
  8. Repeat!


A month ago, we looked as how to optimize your business’s performance. As always, we over-simplify to keep this a practical and tactical tool for a wide variety of businesses. Our approach is a little different. Hopefully, you are enjoying AND applying these step-by-step performance suggestions to your business. Thus far we have: learned the importance of assessing if you have diversified your business . We assessed and suggested what is important to know about your future in what is your business’s vision. We then dove into understanding how your Business’s Mission Statement and Job Descriptions support your success. Now we add your (individual) professional Goals to assure they align with the Business’s Goals. All this steps, one by one, are to assure performance goals are optimized to assure overall business success! Shine your brilliance as you work on your own performance 🙂

Maggie’s curious: Review your individual professional performance and share what is one of your strengths and weaknesses. I will comment back with mine 🙂 Please feel free to share in the comment section so we can learn from each other!


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