Rudy (1993) football movie teaches
business strategies of Planning,
Exceeding, & Conquering

Rudy Movie Ticket
Watch the movie Rudy and you’ll have plenty of ideas on how to become more inspired to overcome your obstacles.

The movie Rudy (1993) is filled with moving and motivational Business Strategies many Small Business Owners will find relevant. Rudy is an iconic movie teaching Small Business Owners about success. Specifically, how to achieve success. Rudy is a nickname for the main character who is a young man with a passion and dream to play football for Notre Dame. The obstacle is Rudy was born into an unwealthy family and is a student with poor grades. Additionally, he doesn’t have the traditional football player physique.

Rudy settles for taking a local job and doing what he’s told is best for him. But his yearning to be a Notre Dame football player is wildly burning in his heart. Did he overcome obstacles? Yes! Did he struggle? Yes! Did he succeed? Oh, I can’t tell you that since we don’t spoil movies here 🙂 Read on AND watch this inspiring family movie about the grit of living fully.

Rudy Business Strategy
#1 Planning

Rudy had a goal and it was big. He needed a strategy. When he arrived in Indiana he had no plan. As he shared his dream and struggles, others guided him. With the help of others, he created a plan on how to be accepted into Notre Dame and then how to get onto the team. Every single action he made was solely focused on becoming a player on the Notre Dame football team. Where he slept, what he did, and how he did it was streamlined into one thought pattern, to be acknowledged as a Notre Dame football player.

When you have a goal for yourself or your business, do you plan how to achieve it? Is your plan designed for success? Maybe I should ask if you know how to create a plan for your success. If not, get a great book: GOALS! by Brain Tracy, and start there. Then find someone to help you hone in on what you want to achieve and create your strategy or plan to accomplish it. You can always take advantage of my No-Cost Consultation to get you started.

Rudy Business Strategy
#2 Exceeding

Our beloved Rudy is filled with passion to achieve this goal and will do anything to make it happen. There’s a point where he asks someone, “I’ve done everything I possibly can. Can you help me?”

To me, this was the moment I knew he would succeed. Why? He acknowledged that he had done everything he was capable of and it still wasn’t enough. Instead of giving up or being arrogant, he allowed his commitment to his goal to be bigger than his ego, pride, or frustrations. This was a pivotal moment for a young man with a dream. He stayed in it, trusting his strategy by showing up every day to fulfill it.

In order to exceed, you must have a goal. Your goal must have a plan to deliver it. Exceeding goals occurs when you deliver your strategy of consistent right actions. Again, have a goal with a plan to support yourself in achieving it. Do you diligently work on your plan? If you do, you will exceed your goal. If you’ve been working on it, but aren’t seeing the results, does your strategy need a tweak? Is your ego getting in the way? What are you doing and who can you enroll to help you push yourself even beyond your goal?

Rudy Business Strategy
#3 Conquering

At one point in the movie, Rudy says, “Who cares how much effort I put in if it doesn’t produce any results?” This was a surreal moment for someone traveling along their success journey. This was the moment he was honoring the struggle (as Brendon Burchard says). Rudy didn’t want to quit, but he felt defeated and lonely. Shortly afterward, he realized the power of a team moving toward the same goal. He was unstoppable and others notice that! They decided to join ranks and support the one who was least likely to succeed because of his unwavering commitment. Rudy learned he needed to lovingly hold his vision and diligently work on his plan while getting support from others to achieve his goal.

How often do you create a solid plan and start working it only to find it isn’t delivering? Pretty common phenomenon. What you do next is what really matters. Are you going to keep working on a plan that isn’t producing? Do you need to create a different and better strategy? Are you actively finding better resources to help you accomplish your goal? If it’s an important goal the answers should be yes, yes, and yes to those questions! Otherwise, you aren’t being practical about conquering your goal. When you don’t take significant actions to support your goal you are fantasizing. When you take significant action to work toward your goal, you are the alchemist and manifesting it.

Which one of the Business Strategies from Rudy would serve YOUR Business best? Feel free to share in the comment section.


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  1. Another great post. I draw inspiration from Rudy, and, to some extent, I am Rudy. I don’t seek adversity, but work to overcome, adapt and improvise, like Rudy.

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