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Best Business Strategy Movies: The Late Quartet

Welcome to the Best Business Strategy Movies Reviews: What can the movie, “The Late Quartet” (2012) teach us about the business strategies? In this Best Business Strategy Movie Review we are going to look at the business strategies via the overarching theme of balance. It is important to understand that balance strongly influences your success […]

Effective Delegation

               Effective Delegation Keeps YOU Sane! How do you focus on what’s most important? Are you loosing your mind with your action items? Do you ever think there must be a better way to complete tasks? As promised in the post: Delegate work, not Your Business, we are here to share some tips of how […]

Performance: Your Own Review

                     Performance: Personal Goals Review Can you specifically state your performance strengths and weaknesses? Do you have short and long term tactics to improve your performance? Have you simplified your daily practice to support better performance? Welcome back to the final post of 2014’s Summer Performance Series! This second half of summer our Monday’s posts […]

Performance: Personal Goals Review

                     Performance: Personal Goals Review Performance… Do you know what your goals should support? Are your personal performance goals aligned with the business’s? Have you simplified your personal performance goals?  For several weeks we have been knee-deep in the “performance” discussion. I guess that beats “knee-deep in the hoopla” discussion! Actually, I know it does […]

Business Strategy: Week 8/4/14

                         Business Strategies & Tips for Next Week! “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” ~ Bill Bradley Application of this Business Strategy for YOU: Today, we are officially in the middle of the 2nd Quarter. I have a question for you: What is your ambition level? Often, when […]

Business Strategies from Hercules Movie Review

    Business Strategies via watching movies… Does it get any better than this? What can the movie, “HERCULES” (2014) teach us about the business strategies: strength, weaknesses, and team building? In the Business Strategies Movie Review we are going to deviate just a smidge from our normal format. I hope you don’t mind. I believe […]

What’s Your Professional Desire?

                         What’s Your Professional Desire? How does desire support your professional success? Is your desire in alignment to improve your performance? Are you holding yourself back? Professional success and desire aren’t commonly thought of as partners; yet, they are! Have you every noticed that when you want to do something how you are usually more […]

Performance: Job Description Update

 Performance: Job Descriptions & Business Missions Do you have an effective Job Description? Does your Business’s Mission Statement support its Vision? Is your performance guided with simplicity? Performance, has been the topic for a couple of weeks now. So far we have started looking very closely at how diversified your business is and what is […]

Presentation Performance

                            Presentation Performance Why is presenting in a powerful manner so important? Do you practice your presentation? Are you interested in 20 tips to improve your performance? When was the last time you sat through a presentation and were less than impressed? Probably not too long ago! Isn’t it the worst? A couple of month’s […]

Performance: Business’s Vision

                            Performance: Your Business’s Vision What’s the status of your Business’s Vision? Does it need to change because a focus has changed? Is your performance in alignment with your ultimate vision? OK, let’s admit it: performance awareness gets the best of us at times. What do I mean by that? Well, until we take some […]