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Business Strategies from Hercules Movie Review


    Business Strategies via watching movies… Does it get any better than this?


What can the movie, “HERCULES” (2014)
teach us about the business strategies:
strength, weaknesses, and team building?

In the Business Strategies Movie Review we are going to deviate just a smidge from our normal format. I hope you don’t mind. I believe it lends to the impact of the business strategies being understood. Additionally, it offers ideas on how to apply each of the business strategies in a practical and tactical manner to optimize performance.

It’s a shame that too often we confuse our Greek and Roman mythologies. Hercules was the son of Jupiter in Roman mythology and Heracles was the son of Zeus in Greek mythology. This movie melds the mythologies and revealed a storyline of Hercules, a demigod, being the son of Zeus. Funny thing about being a demigod, apparently you need a team to assist you in accomplishing arduous labors of legendary proportion! This is a pretty good movie regarding strategy and motivation.

Hercules has a team of several well-accomplished pros to assist him in performing optimally. Even though this is a warrior type movie, the “slaying” is minimized to PG-13 and not grotesque. Each member of the team has an expertise which serves the organization “Hercules”. Hercules, due to a turn of events, becomes a mercenary and leans on his team to fulfill his mission. Thus, continuing to keep the legend of successfully accomplishing his mission alive!


What makes you “Best in Class”?

Do you know your strengths? The Oracle of Delphi says, “Know Thyself”. Understanding your strengths helps you learn your skills and capabilities, which separate you from the others who serve at mediocre levels. It’s what makes you “attractive” to customers.

Strategy #1: When was the last time you took an inventory of your strongest skills and capabilities? Do you know how to market them in your marketplace for them to be noticed as “Best in Class”? FYI: This is one of the business strategies you should do once a year. Begin by understanding which skills and capabilities you hold. Then, determine which ones your particular marketplace finds most valuable. Have you accentuated them enough to be noticed appropriately?

Hercules had the strength of many men. More importantly one of his greatest strengths was his perseverance.

Assess and own your weaknesses

Just as we discussed the importance of knowing your strengths, it is equally important to know your weaknesses. Why? If you don’t know them, you may try doing something that is outside of your capability. This could have a detrimental effect on a customer or your whole marketplace. Be mindful here – it really matters!

Strategy #2: When was the last time you took an inventory of your weakest skills and capabilities? this is one of the least applies business strategies – don’t skip it! Do you know how to outsource talent to do these tasks or is it better for you to hire someone to assist you? Can you avoid this aspect of service or do you need it covered? If so, don’t settle for mediocre talent to assist you. Why? You may not have knowing if they are delivering what is required or not – find the right talent!

Hercules had a great weakness. At times he would forget his true strength (remembering his greatness and living into it).

Building a team that delivers

We all know a successful business is not the result of sheer awesomeness from a solo individual. It is highly unusual to find someone who is exceptional at marketing, sales, production, accounting, legalities, services, finances, technology, human resources, etc. Even solo entrepreneurs have a team to lean into for certain services. Similarly, Business Leader working in a larger organization tend to forget that it is important for everyone to function within their own expertise.

Strategy #3:  Do you try to do everything yourself? Are you spreading yourself too thin and become frustrated that you can’t do certain things to your satisfaction or how you may be working too hard? If so, you aren’t alone! Let’s slow down and figure out which aspects of your business are best served by another tending to them. Team building business strategies are important and can be simplified if you understand the strengths and weaknesses of Strategy 1 & 2. Remember: You gain more territory when you spend more time on serving your customers than working on your business.

Effective Team Built – Hercules’ Business Strategy

  • Marketing/Advertising/PR Department: Iolaus, nephew of Hercules, was the storyteller who keeps the legend alive. Iolaus was always talking up the accomplishments of Hercules. Everywhere he went, Iolaus was creating the vision of “a better world” because Hercules was hired to accomplish great feats and delivered.
  • Operations Manager: Autolycus, a warrior friend of ole is the trusted right hand of the operation. Autolycus secures all the resources and assures all is ready to successfully perform. He also handles the finances and collaborates strategies with Hercules.
  • Loyal Employee: Tydeus, a loyal adult which Hercules rescued from battle as a child. Tydeus is the manual laborer of the group. He provides the manpower. He is courageous. With unconditional loyalty, he follows his leader commands.
  • Subject Matter Expert: Atalanta, the great warrior archer. She is the best at her craft and debunks “battle isn’t a place for women” myth. She knows what to do, takes a front-line stance and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish the task presented to her.
  • Mentor/Confidant/Chairman: Amphiaraus, is the wise one who utilizes his intuition to guide the team to victory. At times his “fore-sight” is accurate and other times hilarious (the last line of the movie in particular). Hercules seeks his wisdom to guide the actions of the outfit. He also utilizes him as a sounding board when times are challenging.

Take a moment to stifle this coach’s curiosity… Please share which business strategies offer you the greatest impact right now? Take a moment to answer in the comment section. Let’s see how we can serve each other with authentic sharings 🙂

If you need assistance with any of these business strategies or something else to help your business shine, please contact me. I’d be happy to learn if I can help you or refer to another who is capable of resolving your needs!

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