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Best Business Strategy Movies: The Late Quartet

Welcome to the Best Business Strategy Movies Reviews:

What can the movie, “The Late Quartet” (2012)
teach us about the business strategies?

Best Business Strategy Movies depicted with the poster image of the string quartet of movie: The Late Quartet
Best Business Strategy Movies: The Late Quartet

In this Best Business Strategy Movie Review we are going to look at the business strategies via the overarching theme of balance. It is important to understand that balance strongly influences your success via a constant feedback loop to optimize performance.

The Late Quartet is a movie of delicate balance. It’s a story of the personal and professional lives of four world-class musicians who choose to make their passion for a masterpiece override many of their personal differences. The moment one of the performers in the string quartet is diagnosed with a career halting disease, the 25 years of working together unravels. The crescendo of the team’s collaboration to perform the Fugue* is a testimony to their commitment and passion to this score and each other. Yet, in an instant, personal and professional dissonance emerges and carries us through the movie and the score’s movement.

*The Fugue is Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 14, opus 131. It is performed without an interval, which requires the self-directed musicians to continuous adjust to each other in real time to keep the performance harmonious.

Best Business Strategy Movies #1:
Soloist or Quartet

Each of these competent world-class musicians makes a choice and commits to each other and the composition. They routinely practice and perform together for 25 years. Then when one of the performers won’t be capable of continuing, another considers leaving if he can’t switch some things up.

When you get bored with something do you tend to abandon it and find something more interesting? This is a common occurrence for Business Leaders. Yet, it is important to keep progressing onward, unless the current path is unfruitful.

Best Business Strategy Movies #2:
Harmony and Dissonance

Harmony and Dissonance create texture within a musical score. The same is true with life and business. During the movie, the string quartet is moving to and fro in their personal and professional lives via this potentially performance squashing news. The uncertainty allows them to surface all the built up disharmony of working intensely with each other for 25 years.

As Business Leaders our job is to effectively manage harmony and dissonance. Balance is the key! Do you remember that this great contrast makes the harmony and success all the sweeter when it occurs? It surely isn’t practical to assume that a business can live in a constant state of harmony. Performance is easy when everything is harmonious, but how do you show up when dissonance or mis-alignment occur? Some of the greatest successes occurs when a business leader can keep their business progressing even while in dissonance.

Best Business Strategy Movies #3:
Flaws and Precision

Throughout the movie, the characters are contending with flaws and precision in their music, their professional relationships with each other, and their own lives. At times it was the flaws which guided them to improve upon circumstances. At other times it was the precision that offered a reflection to their choices.

Too often Business Leaders see flaws as inapproprite. I disagree! Flaws provide opportunities to evolve and grow our business and the professional development of people. Flaws guide us to a more favorable outcome. Do you whole-heartedly seek the flaws of your business?

Precision is often a business goal. Precision of an automated process is a good thing. Do you think precision can hinder performance? Absolutely! If you have something that you believe it so well defined, you may not be open to considering other possibilities which could improve the situation. Effective business leaders are always seeking new ways to improve. Is this you? Remember, it’s important to find the sweet spot of balance between flaws and precision.

Your turn: In the comment section, please share which of the best business strategy movie points offers you the greatest impact right now?

If you need assistance on any of these best business strategy movies points or something else to help your business shine, please contact me. I’d be happy to learn if I can help you or refer to another who is capable of resolving your needs!

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