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Effective Delegation

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Effective Delegations Requires Prioritization

               Effective Delegation Keeps YOU Sane!

How do you focus on what’s most important?
Are you loosing your mind with your action items?
Do you ever think there must be a better way to complete tasks?

As promised in the post: Delegate work, not Your Business, we are here to share some tips of how to effectively delegate. As you know Monday’s are my special post when you get 100% of me and what I think is most important. After a couple of you reached out wanting more on delegation, I pondered what the most important message is to share with you regarding effective delegation.

Effective delegation helps you focus on what’s important

For several years now I have been mentoring a young women who is a senior in high school and the Student Council President this year. We’ve been spending a great deal of time specifically discussing performance, leadership, management, effective delegation, and how to empower others over the past 2 years. She’s a smart cookie, so she picks up pretty fast!

Over the summer we discussed specific situations and possible solutions. I’m a big believer of helping leaders and managers learn how to discern the best outcome for situations so they know how to handle situations as they arise in the future. This weekend we spent time looking at her calendar of obligations and objectives. We discussed what was most important to her and what she couldn’t and shouldn’t delegate. Afterall, effective delegation either helps or hinders your performance!

When we discussed what was most important, she was able to quickly assess where she may have over-extended herself. We also came up with a tool to guide her if she needs to release herself from a particular commitment or not. Why? Well, no one else can do her pre-calculus homework for her but her. So that is where she needs to concentrate her efforts.

Effective delegation keeps you sane

Being a high-performing high school senior with significant responsibilities can become a little overwhelming. When I was in high school we didn’t have this type of pressure at all. Did you? Granted, she is a high-performer preparing for pre-med, she still needs some downtime.

We spent time discussing self-care and the importance of nurturing your body and mind so it can perform great feats when it’s time, but what about the endless To-D0 List? At times, I admit it drives me insane! Then I remember to breathe and say, “it all can’t be done today”, and prioritization begins.

Prioritization is critical for effective delegation because you can’t outsource what only you can do! Ah, there it is: outsourcing. Yes, this is the key to effective delegating – effective outsourcing. When effective outsourcing occurs, the manager (who’s ultimately responsible) needs to be sure that the task will be completed properly and efficiently. Can you imagine outsourcing something to a party who doesn’t understand the importance of timelines or quality?

 5 Steps to Effective Delegation or Outsourcing:

1. Prioritize your To-Do List
2. Discern what must be done by you and no one else but you
3. Appropriately outsource said task to best person capable of fulfilling it
4. Managing the fulfillment of said task without micro-managing
5. Express appreciation for a job well done to your outsource source*

*Step 5 is far too often overlooked! It is important to express appreciation, especially if you’d like to utilize this source for future tasks. Ponder it for a moment, do you show up more effectively when you know you are being appreciated? Yes, let’s keep it positive!

Curious how my mentee is progressing? Nicely, she has the whole student council happy to be serving and she is showing up as a strong and appreciative leader because she is learning effective delegation, or outsourcing, in a good way. In return she can concentrate her focus on leading the council. Cheers to her!

Now it’s your turn. Which of the 5 Steps to Effective Delegation do you think is the most important and why? Let’s share in the comment section…


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