August 10


1 Tip for Effective Business Owner Self-Management

Business Owners effective self-management can help you slow down and enjoy yourself more.
Could this be one of your benefits of effective self-management?

Effective Business Owner Self-Management:
What exactly is it?

What is effective Business Owner Self-Management? Don’t worry if this isn’t a familiar concept. It’s a concept I’ve been discussing with other great minds in the business and leadership performance field of practice. It appears there’s a great deal of chatter emerging regarding self-management for Business Owners.

Management, itself, isn’t uncommon for this group. What’s fascinating is the vast numbers of Business Owners who are willing to to find better ways to manage their own productivity. Perhaps they finally realize that not being accountable to someone may be a hindrance.

What’s effective self-management for a Business-Owner?

Oversimplified definition: when a Business Owner chooses to make their own performance accountable and develop a strategy with objectives to measure their performance against. Yes, measuring performance is important. If you aren’t measuring how will you know if you are completed what you need or want to accomplish?

Is working with a mentor or coach self-management? Yes. How so? Isn’t that person going to help you accomplish certain objectives you set? Everyone is different and what works for you may not work well for another. Assess what YOU need to create YOUR team of support and guidance for what YOU know YOU need or YOU want to accomplish. A good mentor or coach will co-create with you to how to accomplish your objectives best.

YOUR 1 Tip for Effective Self-Management: Consider slowing down and getting back to the basics. We all know how to add more to our To-Do List, but what about cutting back on the new projects? I know I’m always talking about more… but what about when more is too much?

Recently I’ve spoke with three Business Owners who are telling me there is way too much on their plate. It wasn’t that they were overwhelmed with anything. They actually did have too much on their plate! Immediately we did triage. We stopped the bleeding by slowing down their commitments and implemented Covey’s To-Do/Perhaps List Technique. Instantly they felt like they could manage their days again and fulfill their commitments. Sounds familiar? Don’t wait start on this now. It matters.

Feel free to leave a comment or question regarding slowing down to effectively self-manage yourself to support your business’s performance. I’ll be happy to respond.


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p. s. The football season is just around the corner. What do you think the game reviews are about? Each team member uses this as a self-management tool to improve performance. Go Pack Go!!! 


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