Business Balance depicted by female military personnel crawling across rope with great determination and focus.
Mastering balance supports us to accomplish our goals!

Balance YOUR Business Activities
to place yourself on the
right path for success:

Balance is tricky sometimes. Do you have a balancing act?
Have you been delivering balanced business activities?
Are you looking to balance your business activities each week?

Balance is a hot topic this week! Why? It is the week of the Vernal (Autumn) Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Whether we are openly talking about it or not; it’s the topic this week.

During this time of the year start we settling into a new rhythm which is more introspective. Reflecting upon some of the more subtle aspects of our lives… and business. When I begin working with clients, balance (self-management) and more money (effective business development) are always hot topics.

Balance Supports Business Success?

Balance seems elusive to many. Why? Balance for one person isn’t necessarily balance for another. New and established businesses constantly require a “balance inquiry”. Simultaneously last year, I was working with two clients who were at the opposite ends of the “balance spectrum”. One wanted to take on more and the other wanted to minimize or “right size” their activities.

The answer to both was the same: finding their balance sweet-spot for how they wanted to show up. Better stated: we found a way to optimize their business’s activities. First we made sure there was a balance between their personal and professional lives. Then, we moved into investigating their business activities and realigned them to be more effective and efficient.

5 Simple Steps to Balancing
YOUR Business’s Activities

Step 1: You begin with what the purpose is for YOUR Business. Make sure it’s defined well.

Step 2: Then you create or review your vision of YOUR Business. Write it out. Once you know what you’re creating, it’s much easier to create it.

Step 3:  Once Step 1 and 2 are completed, you should be able to determine your goals.

Step 4: Assess all activities. Do they align with supporting your purpose and vision? If not, drop them.

Step 5: Select which activities will best support your goals. Make them your weekly priority!

NOTE: Balancing YOUR Business’s activities is unique to you and YOUR Business because no two people and businesses have the same needs. Therefore it’s very important for you to slow down and discern YOUR Business’s direction for you to know which activities support it best. This is the best way to create business balance. Unfortunately most people don’t take the time to do this and they end up in the busyness trap.

BONUS: Balance your weekly activities

Take what you learned from the 5 Steps and create a weekly calendar (hard or digital). Weekly commit time to growing YOUR Business in the direction you choose. Dedicate time to each of the activities which will best support your journey to your destination. Start minimizing all others.

Remember: This is what I do – how I serve business owners and leaders. If you need help with this, call me or go to our Contact Us Page and send me a private message sharing what you need help with to grow your business. If you want to make someone work hard on your behalf – simply reach out!

Look forward to hearing comments about how you attain balance for yourself and business OR which step is snagging your progress…


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p.s. Strongly encourage you to read Robert Grede’s book, “5 Kick-Ass Strategies Every Business Needs“. Read my review of his book here. If you’re in Wisconsin, you can see Robert present at the Wisconsin Business Owner’s Lunch and Learn on Sept. 25th.


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