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Goal Setting Basics 101

Goal Setting Basics 101

Do you know the basics of good goal setting?
What is the best way to develop goals?
Are your goals realistic?

The Basics of Goal Setting is – Basic: Here we go!

OK, I admit it, there’s nothing sexy about creating good solid goals, which is a shame because if there was, I think more people would do it 🙂 The research still stands true to only 3% of people take time to create a goal and write it down. See the correlation then to how many people actually achieve the goals they seek? I’m sure you don’t want to become a part of that statistic. So, let’s take the time to simply share the steps and then  how to approach your goal so you can actualize it yet this year!

Goal Setting Basics: It’s only 4 Steps!

Goal Setting Step 1: Happy Factor

Determine what bring you joy. You know, that true “pursuit of happiness” concept we all discuss. Each year, I always start with writing out the following lists:

  • What 3 things make me smile and want to celebrate?
  • What 3 things would I like to omit from my life?
  • What 3 things do I want to accomplish professionally this year?

TIP: Be specific and make these specific and purposeful to you!

Goal Setting Step 2: Reality Factor

Start at the beginning and identify the gap of your current reality to the new reality you wish to manifest. Remember, I said reality – not fantasy! For each of the above Happy Factor answers write down this:

  • Regarding (insert satisfying point here): I am (here today) and choose to be (here on said date). I consider these my known obstacles to accomplishing my goal: (insert obstacles here). These are my obstacle busters: (insert your solution to the obstacles you stated).

TIP: Spend time on this, the more accurate you are with ID’ing your gap, the more your goal and action to take it is supported. When you focus on obstacles, take your time to list all the ways you sabotage yourself or allow others to sabotage your success. The more you list, the more support you give yourself in the goal setting stage 🙂

Goal Setting Step 3: Action Support Factor

For each Happy Factor, create action items of new action, thoughts, or statements to support your new goal(s).

TIP: Create actions which are simple and easy for you to implement. Try to make them enjoyable as often as possible.

Goal Setting Step 4: Recalibration Factor

When you practice goals setting and begin taking action toward your goals, you may find yourself slipping a bit. When this occurs you need to recalibrate (tweak) your actions, thoughts, or statements to better support yourself to accomplishing your goals.

TIP:  Modifications to support your goals is a great activity. The timing of recalibrating your actions should occur before you slip back into old habits. When you modify your actions, sometimes “baby steps” are best.

Goal Setting Step 5: Celebration Factor

Once you accomplish a goal, remember to celebrate your success! Some people prefer creating a reward or celebration when they do their goal setting, while others wait until they are closer to accomplishing their goal. Do whichever is best for you!

TIP: Make your celebration meaningful and supporting to your new accomplished goal. Whatever you do, make sure it makes you smile and encourages you to continue supporting actions.

Goals should be attainable and inspiring! Click on this sentence to read some more about developing good goals.  Once you have a couple of things which are making you smile, write them down and review them daily. Allow this review to help you choose successful actions for daily success! Remember, if you are motivated by them, you are more likely to achieve them 🙂

Goals are our topic for January’s Monday posts:

Goal Setting Basics Work!
Goal Setting Basics Work!

Our Monday posts during the month of January will also address, the purpose of goals, the basics of developing solid goals, the benefit of goals, and measuring results of your goals. If you stay with our Monday posts this month, you will be all set to develop any goals – in a good way to support your success!

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: which step is the one you are going to really focus on this year? Please share so we can learn from each others best practices 🙂


If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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