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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Biz Movie Review

Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol movie poster with the characters in the mist- on their own.
Mission Impossible’s Ghost Protocol focuses on completing an unsupported mission. Image: IMDb.com

“Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol” (2011)
Business Movie Review:

Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Business Movie Reviews
Business Strategies via watching Movies…

What can “Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol”
teach us about the business strategies:
Being Proactive, Improvisation, & Accomplishment?

Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Reviews emerged because movies are a great way to be inspired and/or learn from a fresh perspective! This installment of the Mission Impossible saga delivers! Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt had some absolutely crazy and death defying stunts in this older, but exceptionally well laid out story. Everything about this movie feels like there is some reality attached to it. With today’s current events, even more so than when it premiered.  No spoilers here!

Mission Impossible’s Ghost Protocol delivers something for the guys and ladies. More importantly it reveals some very important clues to some of the main characters. These insights explain much of who these characters are and what drives them to excel. Let’s learn from them to improve YOUR Business’s Performance.

“Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol”
Strategy #1: Being Proactive

Ethan Hunt and his acquired team or in the business of being proactive. Their job is to always be one step ahead of their opponent. They are in a constant state of being proactive. Additionally, they must continuously outwitting the opponent. Then after masterminding a great strategy, stepping into action to complete the task.

How often are you a step ahead in the game you’re playing as a Business Owner? You don’t really have any opponents. More often it is you staying ahead of where you need to be or your customer needs you to be. What one thing can you change to be more proactive?

“Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol”
Strategy #2: Improvisation

Improvising is all about being fluid instead of being rigid. Agents need to improvise once their well thought out plan is rendered ineffective! This team of agents is tenured, with the exception of one. Of course that one brings humor to the plot while the others free-form their plans and actions according new unforeseen events.

How fluid is your business plan, your goals, your daily actions? Are you still trying to make old goals happen? Are you still taking actions for things which aren’t as significant as they once were? Yet, make sure you aren’t abandoning your key projects and top performers.

“Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol”
Strategy #3: Accomplishment

Ethan Hunt and team are in the mission impossible, no wait, mission accomplished business. Their job is to make everything seem as if the outcome was always designed as such. And… it was! It was the journey which was uncertain, never the mission. It seems each Mission Impossible movie magically delivers unique action, unique plots, and good character development.

Ponder for a moment: do you make your mission impossible, or possible? Too often Business Owners get caught in the busyness trap of doing business instead of fulfilling their mission. There is nothing like a sense of accomplishment. Which one project is calling for you to complete it? Clear your schedule. Take right action. Become accomplished. 

Only the completion of a mission or the project is satisfactory for this agent. What about you?

Please make a comment regarding which “Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol” business strategy would serve YOUR Business best right now.


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