August 8


Are you settling for failure too often?

Settling for failure depicted with tug of war game not ending well.
Settling for failure instead of attaining success?

Are you settling for failure more often
than you want to be…

Business Owners-Leaders are notoriously known for settling for failure rather than attaining success. Did you know this? What’s even more fascinating is how failure impacts YOUR Business Performance more than you might think. When people fear failure they don’t even take the actions which may become their saving grace. This is how sneaky settling for failure can become… you don’t even try to succeed with things!

Are you settling for failure more often than you want?

Most Business Owners-Leaders will answer this important question with a “Yes!” That’s OK, it’s honest and this awareness will serve you well!

About 10 years ago a 70+year old nun told me her secret to a successful career as a Dean of High School Students. She said, “Every time they asked me to do something I didn’t know I said, “I can do that!” Then she proceeded to get busy learning how to take on a new task. Are you caught in the “I can’t or don’t …..” instead of living in the “I can….”?

5 Questions to Determine if
YOU ARE Settling for Failure:

  1. Do you take on too much?
  2. Do you ask for help?
  3. Is your ego or pride preventing you from taking on something new?
  4. Are you caught in the “Busyness Trap“?
  5. Do you invest in proper resources to assure success?

If you took the time to click some of the above links and dove into each one of these questions a little further you might be realizing you have been settling for failure instead of taking action items to assure success. If so, be kind to yourself. Take time this week to determine a new direction for your and your business’s success. Don’t set crazy goals; set practical goals. Then begin with taking right actions.

Remember: Failure teaches us lessons to improve upon so we can gain success. If you haven’t ready my Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Review of the new Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation, I encourage you to do so. This outstanding movie is a great example of how failure inspires Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) to move beyond settling for failure to completing his overarching mission!

Feel free to leave a comment or question regarding which question is supporting you settling for failure instead of supporting your business’s performance. I’ll be happy to respond.


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p. s. Want another movie to inspire you through obstacles? Read this post on “Tucker” and then watch this family movie about how one man and his family changed car design and manufacturing.


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