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Leaders Surrendering to Learn More

           Leaders: Surrendering to Learn More

Learning Leaders by Maggie Mongan, Business Rescue Coach of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Learning Leaders

Are you interested in being a more effective leader?
Do you surrender as often as you can?
How can leaders learn gracefully?

This past week I was at a global conference  and I was a leader who chose to be lead so I could learn more. Personally, I was interested in learning how to move about Europe effortlessly. So with deep trust I allowed myself to surrender to another great leader and teacher. I’d like to share more about this and the value of it… and of course invite you to surrender into more learning opportunities to improve your leadership potential.

Interested in being a more effective leader?

As you know we focus on helping business leaders optimize their leadership and business performance here, but this post also applies to life in general 🙂 While I was on an excursion to go to the countryside of Vienna Austria, I noticed a rather large and well maintained building that was over 1,000 years old.  I was astonished, thinking about all the history this one building had experienced.

Then I realized this one building was approximately 5 times older than the United States of America! Wow… I turned to the person next to me and I said, “I get it!” She responded, “Good! What are you referring to?” My response, “America is such a young country. This building has seen eras of history. America is still feeling out which of our circumstances are significant, much less classifying them as eras. I now understand why world history is rich with stories, epic battles, and eras, while American history is filled with facts which only time will determine as historical.” … I learned: Victors try, but only time writes history.

Leaders improve their performance the more they surrender

Recently an acquaintance reached out to me who wanted some expertise as to why they hadn’t been successful at accomplishing a particular goal. This person was quite insistent that they weren’t interested in doing the one thing that would help them the most. I found it fascinating that I was sharing what they needed to do to accomplish the end result, but they didn’t want to do the one or two things which would accomplish success. Clearly this person needed, and needs, help. It is interesting how, at times, we can bring ourselves to ask for assistance… and then still won’t follow it!

Inquiry of YOUR Leader-ship Capabilities:

How often do we ask for help, because we know we need it, and then don’t allow ourselves to surrender to the guide we enrolled to lead us? Is this you? Do you half-heartedly follow the advisor’s expertise you seek? If so ask yourself, “Why am I sabotaging myself?”

 Leaders learn more when they gracefully surrender to another’s expertise

Graceful learning occurs when leaders are willing to follow. Sometimes it takes a while for leaders to swallow enough pride to allow themselves to be a follower. I assure you there is nothing but gain when a leader becomes a follower! (Click on this sentence to read more about Lessons Learned from Following.)

One of the greatest benefits I learned as a follower:  I didn’t have to have all the answers. I could actually relax and allow another person to be ready to respond with an answer when I asked a question… this was wonderfully refreshing 🙂

WARNING: As leaders, we may become frustrated when others say they are ready to follow, but don’t. Don’t become this to the one you ask to guide you through your uncharted territory!

If I didn’t put my trust into my guide and relax, I wouldn’t have been able to have a profound awareness regarding American history… while I was in Austria of all places! I would have totally missed out on this if I would’ve been trying to control the experience. And my personal outcome: I am confident I can travel throughout Europe now!

I only want the best for you and your followers! Have fun simply learning what you can learn 🙂

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: How do you sabotage your own learning experiences?  Share in the comment sections so we can learn from each others 🙂


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