June 19


Excellence – always striving to do better

Excellence requires much practice. This is depicted by a two hands forming a piece of potter's clay.
Excellence requires much practice.

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”
~Pat Riley, Basketball Coach

Excellence isn’t a new topic to this blog at all. Approximately 3-4 times a year we talk about it in a different application. Let’s look at how excellence shows up when you are continuously improving yourself, as a business leader.

Excellence in the Making

Recently, I met a gent who has a start up which is about to be significantly funded. His concept is one that touches on a great deal of my past professional experience in many different manners. I was asked to review the business plan I was excited to see the concept. It is a solution to two industries. It’s pretty well developed, but missing some key aspects, which is common for start-ups. He is dedicated to creating an outstanding product and asked be to be brutally honest. Our relationship is new. He requested for me to be forthright. Curious how it played out?

The Prize of Excellence

When we spoke I asked him, “Are you still committed to excellence?” He responded, “Yes!” Then, in a tactful and brutally honest fashion I told him his Business Plan needs to be wrote by someone other than him. I proceed to share some examples of his writing errors and showed him how he could lay-out some of the information differently for greater impact.

He graciously owned his imperfections. He listened very carefully about how to make improvements, which requires him to take a different perspective of his concept. He is clearly committed to excellence! He is focused on putting aside his “personal stuff” to create the best product and business for the good of all. He understands how excellence seldom occurs on the first try. He’s also willing to strive for excellence. I suspect he is subscribes to this quote,

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”
~Jack London, Author

Where are you settling for complacency instead of excellence?

First assess your complacency for your business’s performance.
Next, yours – as Business Owner-Leader?

As a potter goes to the wheel to form his vision of what he wants to transform his clay into, so must Business Owners-Leaders be willing to reshape their vision into new form. This continuous improvement will support excellence and the marketplace will reward such efforts.


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p. s. This is a great book, “Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment” by George Leonard. Leonard shares how continuously improving, or working on you becoming a master, supports one’s success of high levels of excellence. It’s not a long read but it’s impact will be long lasting both personally and professionally.


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  1. My honor to serve you in such a fashion. Ranni, everything you do is regarding the pursuit of excellence! Don’t ever give in. Improving upon oneself is one of the noblest strategies to execute! Carry on.

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