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Leaders get stuck and don’t admit it – why?

Leaders get stuck and don’t admit it!

Do you get stuck and don’t know where to turn?
Do you feel like you’re backed up against a wall?
Who can be your confidant?

Leaders get stuck. Image depicts a women who has her back against a weathered panelled wall outside. She's looking for  something.
Leaders Get Stuck. What are you doing to get unstuck?

Leaders get stuck all the time. This is part of their role… leaders are trailblazers. Inadvertently, trailblazers don’t have the ideal circumstances or favorable outcomes occur. It’s the nature of the role: Leaders get stuck!

Leaders get stuck when trailblazing

How often have you been asked to do something without guidance to assure success? Probably pretty darn often. Well, this reveals you are one type of leader: The Trailblazer. If you think about pioneers you are on the right track here.

Literally, pioneers put their best foot forward to create a new reality. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Going into uncharted territory with no map is daunting. Hindsight is always great and reveals new ways for success. Yet, until you going into the great unknown, you don’t know the secrets to success for the mission you are assigned to deliver.

Leaders get stuck and should immediately seek:
Confidants, Trusted Advisors, & Experienced Coaches

Now I know this seems pretty logical, but how many leaders are willing to admit they need help? The answer should be every leader. Why isn’t it? There is an expectation from others that a leader should be able to handle everything. This isn’t reasonable at all.

Leaders are not infallible. Mater in fact, leaders typically have an expertise in a single topic or a few topics. Businesses already know this and design their organization to address this through functional departments. Yet, there is still a disconnect.

This particular disconnect isn’t serving anyone. It definitely isn’t serving the organization in accomplishing its goals either. As leaders, we need to assure our team (internally or externally) has all the necessary resources to be effective. If not, you render them and eventually yourself ineffective and a liability instead of a valuable asset. Why tarnish your career?

After all the hard work you’ve done to become a leader, why would you tarnish your career by not asking for help?

Immediately when you, the “Leader gets stuck”, own it. Quickly seek someone to mentor, guide, or coach you through how to appropriately get unstuck. Most likely they will suggest you speak with your boss.

Bosses, even if it is the Board of Directors, will appreciate your candor sooner than later. Typically, when they learn their is something impeding with a goal, they rally to assure success. It still gives them a chance to share their expertise. After all, it will help them recall when they too were stuck as a leader.

Please feel free to share what you know hinders or helps YOUR success as a Business Leader… 


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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p. s.: I see Leaders get stuck every day and not be able to own they need help. Whatever you do, don’t let your pride tarnish all your career’s success!


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