April 21


Leaders and Leadership Styles

                                Leaders and their Leader-ship Styles

Leadership Style by Maggie Mongan, Business Rescue Coach of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Leadership Style

Are you aware of the styles of leaders?
Do you know your default style of leadership?
Are your ready to discover another beneficial leadership style?

This month we have been deeply involved with successful leadership. There are a variety of aspects which meld into what we call leadership style or approach. For instance, a leader often educates. Does the leader educate using highly sophisticated and complex topics or do they teach with simplicity? Does the same leader teach in a format of lecture, interaction, or by example? Also, does the leader teach from a stance of scholar or practicality, even with a serious tone or light-hearted? We could go on, but I’m sure you understand… variety.

Examples of varied leaders and their styles:

  • Martha Stewart: led through her passion of her craft/expertise.
  • Jesus Christ: not a leader of the church as an organization, but a leader who taught by example and parables.
  • Vince Lombardi (former Green Bay Packer Coach): led his players to win Super Bowls as he taught about the excellence of self performance as a contribution to a team success.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King: led through sharings of inspirations and dreams.
  • Napoleon: led through an insatiable appetite of overcoming obstacles to conquer.
  • Gandhi: led a country to unify differences via peaceful civic reformation.

What’s your Leadership Style?

Are you a leader who leads from the front or the rear? (Click here to learn more about leader-ship capabilities and if you have the right stuff to be a conscientious leader.) Meg Whitman shares, “Don’t be a credit hog”, which reflects other posts, saying help other leaders blossom while standing in the back and give credit to others first.

Conversely, you may be like General Colin Powell who states, “Always be the leader”. In his case, and the leaders he was mentoring, this is quite appropriate.

Is your style similar to Jesus Christs’ where you lead through parables/stories and examples? Many leaders do this – relevancy is powerful!

Are you a planner like Tyra Banks (model and CEO), who is always focused on what comes next?

Perhaps you are like Jane Goodall (famous for her research while living with primates in the African jungle), who believes immersion is the best way to learn, lead, and or teach.

Another leader to consider is Dr. Phil (McGraw), who states, “Be who you are”. Sounds like leading from integrity and authenticity to me 🙂

Are there benefits to having multiple leadership styles?

YES, there most definitely is! The benefit is understanding who you are speaking to, or leading/mentoring/advising/coaching. Once you understand them, their concerns and needs, you’re more capable of selecting which approach is best for them to understand your message and guidance. (Wow, I just introduced a very soft definition of Social Intelligence just now. If you want to know more about social intelligence click here: Wright Living – they are awesome at personal transformation.)

I invite you to consider different styles of leadership you prefer and begin to adopt them into your treasure chest of approaches. If you do, you will see your impact improve significantly!

Graceful learning occurs when leaders are willing to followI assure you there is nothing but gain when a leader becomes a follower! (Click on this sentence to read more about Lessons Learned from Following.)

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: What other styles or approaches could you adapt to have even more impact? Share in the comment sections so we can learn from each others 🙂


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