March 16


Action Items vs. Strategies: Any Difference?

Action Items versus Strategies:
What’s the Difference?

Action Items executed by UW Madison's Mens Basketball Team with college mascot
UW Badgers Mens Basketball perfect Action Items of Coach Bo Ryan’s Strategies

Action items support your success and are completely different from strategies. Even though these two are different, they support one another to generate great profit and success! Every successful business has a great strategy – most likely for multiple aspects of business and action items to deliver the strategies.

Why are we discussing action items and strategies again?

When people hear what I do, they usually ask me what the difference is between strategies and action items. I take the time to answer this because it is important to understand the difference. Additionally, once you have clarity, you can apply the power of these to your winning formula!

What exactly are Action Items?

Oversimplified, which is what we do here to help everyone, action items are the tasks you make happen. When I researched Roget’s Super Thesaurus it revealed this for action: activity, motion, movement, functioning, performance, working, energy, commotion, deed, move, effort, etc. Thus, action items are not about settling, being idle, or wishful. Action is about doing. We’ll come back to this in a moment.

So what are Strategies?

Again we look to Roget’s wisdom for simplification of strategy: plan, design, procedure, blueprint, plot, scheme, approach, etc. Thus, strategies are about the analytical aspect of selecting which plan will help create a favorable outcome.

Strategies & Actions Items of a Sports Team

Think of strategy as the game plan a coach of a sports team would have for a particular situation. The strategy would help the team have a favorable outcome or play. Whereas the action items are what the players would need to do to fulfill the coach’s game plan for said situation.

When you take time to strategize or create a plan, you should then practice supporting action items or execution of the plan. I always say, “Plan your execution AND execute your plan.”

Do YOU make it a priority to create your strategies?

Strategies are analytical and action items are tactical. Business Owners lead their business and plan their success. Take time this week to lead your business effectively.

Congratulations to University Wisconsin-Madison (UW Madison) Men’s Basketball Team for a winning Season, Conference Championship and #1 Seed in Bracketology for March Madness. UW Badgers Coach Bo Ryan is a man with a great playbook filled with strategies his players studied and executed extremely well!

Please feel free to comment on which action items can offer YOUR Business greater profit and success. 


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p. s.: Go Big Red!  Forward Wisconsin.  Let’s show them what Wisconsin Badger Basketball is all about!


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