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Leadership Benefits you, your team, and business

Leadership Benefits for you and your business

Do you know your team depends upon you to be a good leader?
Are you benefiting from your good leadership?
How do you show up in your industry or community?

leader at the front of a group demonstrating the leadership benefits everyone
Good Leadership Benefits Everyone!

Leadership Benefits are many for individuals and businesses. I believe one of the most significant leadership benefits is value. Good leaders add value to their business, staff, industry, and even their community.

The following is an excellent quote:

“Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential
so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.”
~Stephen R. Covey

Leadership Benefits for YOU

When you are a leader of a business, department, or project, you automatically are required to improve many skills. Leadership roles require you to be at the the top of your game. Note: It is important to have plenty of down time; however, your leadership role isn’t one that you want to be slack on.

You benefit in a leader’s role because it helps you hone (finely polish) your organization and communication skills. Leaders are expected to be organized. Whichever tools you utilize to keep organized doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are able to keep everything moving in the appropriate direction, regardless if it is you being responsible for the work or if you are delegating or outsourcing the tasks.

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Communication: O one of my favorite professors made it a point in each class to say, “Communicate, communicate, communicate. Just when you think you’ve communicated enough, communicate even more!” He was right. Communication is essential to effective leadership! I’m always amazed at how simple communication can be; yet, for some reason we muck it up.

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Leadership Benefits Your Team

Talent matters! You are talent too. Anyone else who services your customer directly or indirectly is part of your team.  Review Covey’s quote about communicating to people their worth and potential so they clearly see it themselves. The leader who accomplishes this, wins BIG! Imagine: what if you felt valued, appreciated, and someone was encouraging you to step into your potential? Wouldn’t you do anything for that person? This is just one of the leadership benefits. If you treat your people well; your people will treat you AND your customers well.

Give yourself and your talent what is needed to be successful! They may need additional training, a little schedule flexibility, or a listening ear. This type of leadership is its own reward!

Leadership Benefits Your Industry & Community

Now, here’s a great opportunity for you to highlight your leadership capabilities: appropriately replicate the above actions within your industry and community. People are always looking to follow a good or great leader. Why not have it be you? And… the added leadership benefit of being a good leader always results in your business gaining! TIP: Remember to have lots of fun being awesome!!!

I want to praise Dr. Fisher of Fisher Chiropractic for being very community focused. Dr. Fisher is actively involved with serving his community throughout the whole year. One of his upcoming biggies is a Toy Drive late November and early December. Way to go!!!

Which area needs a little more attention from you, the Business Leader of YOUR business? Please feel free to share in the comments section!


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