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Resilient illustrated by a multi-colored rubber bands made into a ball.

Resilient Business Owners Often Succeed

Resilient Business Owners Often Succeed, But Why? Resilient behavior supports business success. What makes resiliency important to Business Owners and their businesses performance? Business owners are required to wear many hats. This alone is an example of being resilient. But why is this important to a business’s success? When a Business Owner effortlessly flows from […]

To-Do Lists illustrated by a smartphone with a to-do list on it while it's place along side a watch.

To-Do Lists Frustration of Business Owners

To-Do Lists Frustration of Business Owners: Let’s clarify and simplify this immediately! Looking for a way to minimize YOUR To-Do Lists ASAP? Do you have endless To-Do Lists? Are your To-Do Lists frustrating? To-Do Lists are everywhere. Even children have them. When we were young we called them chores and homework. As Business Owners we […]

Consistent Actions iIllustrated by young girl practicing playing the piano.

Consistent actions always wins business

Consistent actions always win business- How do consistent actions support your success? Are your actions the right actions? Consistent actions help us improve our performance as Business Owners and our Business Performance. There’s always a great deal of chatter regarding actions for success. We prefer to oversimplify our topics and make them practical for you to […]

Success and Failure: depicted by two children playing a video game and cheering because they won!

Success and Failure go hand in hand – relax

Success and Failure often go hand-in-hand in business “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” ~Winston S. Churchill Success and failure are commonly spoken in the same sentence or story. Have you found this to be true? I have. The more research I do on how successful people have become […]

Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol movie poster with the characters in the mist- on their own.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Biz Movie Review

“Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol” (2011) Business Movie Review: Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Business Movie Reviews Share Business Strategies via watching Movies… What can “Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol” teach us about the business strategies: Being Proactive, Improvisation, & Accomplishment? Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Reviews emerged because movies are a great way to be inspired and/or learn from a fresh perspective! This […]

Allow this 10 Step Discovery Process to pull you out of the fog! Depicted by a pirates ship caught at sea in the haze.

Discovery: 10 Steps of Exploration and Corrections for Business

Discovery: Exploration and Corrections of Business Activities Simplified 10 Step Discovery Process Discovery is a process. Have you ever thought about it as such? I didn’t until recently. Part of this new awareness is reading up on Christopher Columbus and a recent event. It’s worth sharing with you. But first, let’s give our friends and […]

Learning from the Past Pays Off for Business Leaders

Learning from the Past Pays Off for Business Leaders Ever learn from a previous experience? Ready to slow down and learn from the past? Why keep trying to re-invent the wheel? Learning from the Past is Valuable Take time to begin learning from the past. Your past. The past of others. Whatever you do, don’t […]

Business Strategies from MONUMENTS MEN Movie Review

    Business Strategies via watching movies… Does it get any better than this? What can the movie, “THE MONUMENTS MEN” (2014) teach us about the business strategies: faith, the arts, & preservation? This is a great week of honoring many virtues: freedom, sovereignty, ideals, culture, faith, creativity, liberation, and innovation. To my dear friends and […]