October 21


To-Do Lists Frustration of Business Owners

To-Do Lists illustrated by a smartphone with a to-do list on it while it's place along side a watch.
Are your To-Do Lists more frustrating than simplifying? Learn why here. Correct this immediately.

To-Do Lists Frustration of Business Owners:
Let’s clarify and simplify this immediately!

Looking for a way to minimize YOUR To-Do Lists ASAP?
Do you have endless To-Do Lists?
Are your To-Do Lists frustrating?

To-Do Lists are everywhere. Even children have them. When we were young we called them chores and homework. As Business Owners we may call them  other things… Goals, Projects Management, Day Planners, Action Items, etc. Yesterday I had a conversation with a client who was telling me how long and exhausting his To-Do Lists have become now that his children are teenagers. He’s not alone. It’s important to remember it’s all about taking the “right actions“.

Are your To-Do Lists frustrating?

My clients work with me because they want a high-impact change in their leadership and or business’s performance. They haven’t figured out how to make the change happen on their own. After trying many different things others have told them, which adds to their To-Do Lists, we work on simplifying what they need to be committed to and doing. The shame of it is they didn’t have to wait so long to get relief. Resolution of this topic is almost immediate!

Do you have endless To-Do Lists?

There’s ample suggestions on how to improve your time management. Once again, I share this is a myth. Time management is an illusion most people buy into. We all have the same time to work with every day. We aren’t able to get more or less of it. 24 hours is what we get. End of story.

Now, let’s talk about something you can manage: YOUR Productivity Level. This is something you can work with to improved your effectiveness and efficiency. Research is always being conducted on the myth of time management. Isn’t it time for you to debunk this myth for good? I bet you will after you apply this next simplified solution…

How To Minimize YOUR To-Do Lists ASAP
in 6 Super-Easy Steps

Usually with 40 minutes I help clients debunk the myth and take this new approach. This technique is much more effective and not as overwhelming. Yesterday I reviewed an article from Barbara Hemphill, founder of the Productive Environment Institute and an expert on time management. Hemphill, says “Being productive, means accomplishing those tasks that will get you closer to meeting your goals. Any other tasks that don’t help you to do so are just clutter.”

Ready to minimize YOUR Endless To-Do Lists?

  1. Find YOUR Endless To-Do Lists which support keeping you in the Busyness Trap.
  2. Then pull out the actions which are reminders of things to do: make lunch, send email regarding X, working-out, pick-up kids, meditation, place ad for new assistant, eat lunch, buy birthday present, etc.
  3. Place the above items on “My Reminder List”.
  4. Look at all the items which will help you become more productive and advance YOUR Business and YOUR Life.
  5. Place these items on “My Productivity List”. Only select the 3 which will provide the highest impact for that day.
  6. Options: (A) Meld My Reminder List and My Productivity List into one and call it My Daily List. Place your 3 Productivity Deliverable at the top of the list. Yes you can do more than 3 if you have more time, but it isn’t necessary. (B) Keep the 2 lists separate and work them side by side. This way it doesn’t seem endless!

NOTE: Per Barbara Hemphill, “Busy people have endless To-Do Lists. Productive people only have 3 things on their list to deliver each day.”

TIP: When selecting which 3 things to place on your Productivity List for the day, remember to go high impact. We always have tons of stuff to do, but it’s the impact that makes the difference and accomplishment.

Have some fun experimenting with this simple productivity tool to help you with your To-Do Lists’ effectiveness! Just start today and in minutes you will feel have more clarity. If you want clarity on how to write a great blog, see the p.s. below.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything you’d like to help you accomplish YOUR Business Goals…


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