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Balancing Roles & Responsibilities of Business

Balancing Roles and Responsibilities of Business

Do you struggle with keeping your workload balanced?
How do manage fulfilling all your different roles?
Are you keeping up with all your responsibilities?

Juggler juggling three ball to represent Balancing Roles
Balancing Roles of Business Leaders

Balancing Roles and Responsibilities of Business isn’t always easy for Business Leaders! I feel your pain. Heck, it doesn’t even matter if your a Business Leader of a large team or a solo entrepreneur, balancing everything can become a bit much at times. We get it!

A Client’s Brilliant Breakthroughs of Balancing Roles

Yesterday I sat with a client who is a serial entrepreneur. She was telling me how she has been struggling with her latest endeavor.  She’s caught between two roles. When she is functioning in either one of them, she is dissatisfied and her energy levels are drained. So she has decided to camp out in the more passive of the two roles is very disappointed with the outcome. This has created a great deal of disharmony for her and it simply isn’t delivering the results she seeks and needs to proceed.

Her frustration lies in the fact that she knows she needs to be out on the “frontier” trailblazing. Yet she knows if she’s out trailblazing, she will miss some of the milestones and wants to be there to support and celebrate them. Our conversation really found itself deep in the topic of choices.

Supporting Choices of Balancing Roles & Responsibilities of Business Success

Business success requires us to make good choices and find ways to support these wise choices. My client’s conversation continued yesterday with a:

If you can create your own role, how can you create it to accommodate balancing roles and responsibilities for your business to succeed and you to feel contentment?

Yes, this one is really a loaded question!  How do you do this for yourself? Better yet, this is something all business leaders should be asking of themselves on a regular basis. This is what matters! Curious what happened next with my client? She said, “Wow, I never thought about finding a way to balance the two. I always thought it had to be one or the other. Neither was fulfilling onto itself. This is a new possibility! I can have the best of both worlds!”

It’s true, as Business Leaders, especially owners, we have the opportunity to assess the responsibilities and find new ways to deliver successfully!

Start this by reverse engineering your business’s needs. What are the deliverables? What do the deliverables require (responsibilities of how can I divide those responsibilities into doable deliverables)? Then after you have redefined this ask yourself: “Will I be a great producer and be content with my redefined role?” If so, great! If not, great- tweak it! Need help with developing your new role – click here to another post for assistance.

As a Business Leader the choice of balancing roles and their responsibilities is actually one of the primary business decisions we should be making; however, it tends to get pushed off to the side too often. Bring it back over the next couple of weeks. Tweak YOUR Business for Better Success and step into the new year with confidence!

Please feel free to comment or share your a-ha moment regarding Balancing Roles to support YOUR Business’s Success!


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p.s. I invite all Business Leaders to take a look at how you are balancing roles and responsibilities. So often, this is an area of great stress. For most, these next few weeks are a great time to reassess and resolve a better way to approach conducting business. If you need assistance, please call for a no-cost consultation.


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