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Performance: Job Description Update

checklist of a job description update
Simplify your job description update by starting with a tasks list.

 The Power of a Job Description Update
& Business Missions

Have you completed your Job Description Update?
Does your Business’s Mission Statement support its Vision?
Is your performance guided with simplicity?

Performance has been the topic for a couple of weeks now. So far we have started looking very closely at how diversified your business is and what is your business’s vision. Regardless of whether you’re a Business Leader of your own business OR within a larger organization, each of these topics is applicable. Don’t kid yourself, this applies to everyone in the workplace! Why? Performance really does matter and it starts with goals and a job description update for everyone – including you!

Does Your Job  Description Update include Performance Expectations?

Everyone has a job description… or should have a formal (written) one of what is considered “acceptable performance”.  Yes, even if you are a solo-entrepreneur you should have a written job description to guide your actions. If you are within an organization, pull out your job description and review it. Does it still align with what you are expected or required to accomplish? If not, now’s the time to conduct a Job Description Update.

Now it’s time to assess accuracy. As an executive recruiter, I have seen more ineffective job descriptions than imaginable. Keeping in mind we over-simplify to address the needs of the wider readership of this blog, this is not a conclusive job description template below. However, it will help most people begin assessing if their description is effective to support higher performance or not!

Does your job description have the following to guide your performance?

  • Your title
  • Who is your direct superior
  • What hours and where do you work
  • What are your primary functions*
  • What are your secondary functions*
  • What and/or who are your responsibilities
  • What is being measured to assure you are progressing
  • What additional training is necessary for you to perform well

* Make sure there is a percentage rate (for how much of your day or week) a particular function will require. Often, a job description or a job description update has unrealistic demands. Conversely, descriptions may be too generic. Either situation doesn’t successfully guide the worker or supervisor.

Performance of Business’s Mission

Good Job Description updates need to support your business’s mission statement. A mission statement should reveal the actions which are necessary for the business to fulfill its vision. Just think of over-simplified military maneuvers: Generals have the vision to accomplish something and the mission is “how” it is accomplished. If the mission is successfully stated and executed, the vision will be actualized.

Does your mission reveal 2-3 actions or behaviors to fulfill the business’s vision?

Example: Just in the past 10 days I have had 3 people compliment me on my commitment to consistent blogging activities. They were wondering why I was so consistent. I shared that blogging fulfills a part of my mission – to educate. My business’s vision will be fulfilled if people start conducting business in a new (improved) manner.  Thus, one of my performance indicators is education. Blogging is one of the ways I choose to educate.

Are the actions of your mission statement supporting the actualization of your vision statement? If so, great! If not, take time to figure out what will and make that your new mission statement.

Simplify Performance

I’d like to share a tip: Job descriptions should support performing mission statements effectively. Mission statements should support the business’s vision. This doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, the more you streamline/simplify your performance process, the better the business will perform.

Maggie’s Curious: What are your primary functions? 

Mine are servicing customers, marketing, and meeting new people. Training sessions are a secondary function. Please feel free to share in the comment section what yours are, or should be. It’s important for us to learn from one another. 


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  1. You always make it sound and feel so easy….and yet we still struggle with our personal wording….thanks for the education!

    Blake Cahoon

    1. Yes, and I am able to make it sound and feel easy because this is my expertise… I get it and do know you meant this as a compliment 🙂 Don’t worry about the wording! Job descriptions are an in-house thing – you have to start somewhere. The Business Mission Statement is slightly different because even though you have to start playing with it, it must be more refined since your marketplace will see it. The key: just write something down to get started- then reach out to me for the no-cost 1 hour consultation I have at the bottom of this post. Come on- Let’s have you start at the beginning by making an appt. with yourself to start doing this. The pay-off will be rewarding on many levels 🙂

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