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Exceeding expectations? Now what’s next?

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Exceeding expectations illustrated by book cover of #1 Bestseller: Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner.
Exceeding expectations for your marketplace and your business requires forethought.

Are you exceeding expectations?
Now, what’s next?

Exceeding expectations is our primary goals as Small Business Owners. Wouldn’t you agree? We have conversations about this regarding customer service/care all the time. Frequently we discuss exceeding our sales goal – no coincidence how customers and sales go hand in hand. Yet, how often are their conversations about what to do once you exceed your goals? YOUR Business’s Performance depends upon this!

I see Small Business Owners (SBOs) settle far too often. Too many coast when they hit their goal instead of continuing to accelerate.

As a 100% commissioned based Executive Recruiter, I saw this all the time.  There were some coworkers who would walk out of the office right after they closed a deal. I couldn’t understand why they were doing this. This behavior went against all the training I ever learned.

You see, right after closing a sale you are hot, – you’re on fire! You are very attractive – like a magnet. Even your tone of voice has a confidence shining through.

Don’t you think that would be the best time to continue making sales call to attract more potential sales? Sure it would! Yet, for some reason many settle. The true top-performers don’t stop or settle – not even for a moment.

Are you exceeding expectations or settling?

As many of you know, last week we released the book: Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner: Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in Your Business last week for SBOs. We worked hard as a team to have it become a Bestseller, which it was in 4 categories. What was even more fascinating was the teamwork, what we did once we made Bestseller status, to achieve #1 ranking.

It was the team’s next destination. With committed action, the team achieved their first #1 Bestselling status.

Then, they saw how close they were to achieving a second #1 ranking and worked to attain it. They did. They were able to accomplish being #1 in 2 categories: Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Additionally, the rank as a Bestseller in the overall Nonfiction category and Teen & Young Adult. Together, you exceeded your expectations!

Role-modeling moving beyond exceeding expectations

What’s next? This team has already created it!

There is a weekly podcast waiting for you to listen to help you with your small business’s brilliant breakthroughs. Click here: Brilliant Breakthroughs Podcast. Make sure you subscribe get your weekly support!

Additionally, our authors or Brilliant Practicing ExpertsTM, have created a mobile app for you!  Click here: iOS Brilliant Breakthroughs App  Click here: Android Brilliant Breakthroughs App

You can be updated about happenings in Small Business, learn what our Brilliant Practicing ExpertsTM  doing. Perhaps the coolest feature on the app: you can select with author you’d like to ask a question, and they will respond back to you. Isn’t that cool? 

SBOs, we created a full platform for you to stay in the conversation of how to win BIG at Small Business in the 21st century. The book was the launch of us introducing this topic into the Small Business Sector. We’re guiding the conversation and support you, SBO, to win in a simplified manner. There’s a new way to play the game and you deserve this brilliant support!

Why did we create an app and podcast? 

We want to make sure you get what you need while we start working on our 2nd book in this annual series, which releases in Nov. 2018. If you still haven’t purchased the newly released book, go here:  Enter your contact information. We will send you an email and need you to confirm your subscription so we can send you that special link for you to directly purchase the book or ebook. 

Exceeding expectations is knowing what inspires you and your customers/marketplace. Take the time to think about this for your business success. Then, get your right thoughts and continuously step into right actions!


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