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Planting Seeds of Success to Boost Small Business Sales

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Planting seeds illustrated by a farmer in the field with 2 horses plowing the field.
Planting Seeds for Small Business should be a daily activity to assure success.

Planting Seeds of Success to
Boost Small Business Sales

Planting seeds is an ongoing activity all success Small Business Owners admit as essential to grow their business.

Do you show up like a weekend gardener or a farmer?

This is a very important question for you to answer truthfully. Why?

The seeds you are planting today are the seeds that will sow and grow into your sales and profit in the near future!

How often should Small Business Owners be planting seeds of success?

Small Business Owners (SBOs) should be planting seeds daily. Yes, I just said daily.

Now I get this might appear to be too daunting for some, but it is what should be done.

Some SBOs think they can get away with doing this when the urge strikes them.

I strongly suggest you don’t follow that approach. Why? I’ve never met a successful SBO who practiced good business strategies only when the urge hit them.

WARNING: Don’t be a wantrepreneur!

If you’re going to be in small business, be a seriously committed Small Business Owner!

Show up in a manner which best supports YOUR Business Performance.

Why do multi-millionaires go to work every day? They are planting seeds of success.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:

If plantings seeds daily is a tactic the multi-millionaires apply to grow their business, why wouldn’t you?

Clearly, this is a proven strategy and tactic. Isn’t it time you make it your own?

Planting seeds isn’t anything new. All businesses start with this activity.

Yet somehow when we move to developing everything to serve customers, many SBOs forget to continue planting seeds to assure continuous growth or bumper crops.

If you want YOUR Small Business to grow, step into this planting seeds with greater dedication than you have.

Please feel free to share your actions or questions regarding this topic or any others for YOUR Small Business Success in the comment section. 


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  1. Love this guidance Maggie! I can see how I have done this myself. More than a year ago, I started making meme’s and posting them daily on Facebook on several different pages. It has really helped me be SEEN consistently. I have not kept up my blogging but that is another great way to keep in the eye of your ideal client.

    Thanks and blessings!
    Barbara Marie

    1. Thanks and you’re welcome! Yes, it appears you are enjoying planting your social media seeds to be top-of-mind 🙂 Remember the real magic is when you balance social media with in-person meetings. Hope you continue to have fun with your gardening! Also, please let me know when you a routinely blogging again 🙂

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