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Crushing goals through accomplishing your mission

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Do you know how to secure a successful mission for YOUR Business’ Success?

Crushing goals through
accomplishing your mission

Your mission, as a Small Business Owner, is to consistently deliver tasks to become more profitable. Each mission you take on brings you closer to your business’s goals.

In America, successful business is defined as a profitable business. This is pretty straightforward. It requires you, as a Small Business Owner (SBO) to continuously take right actions to achieve profit.

Regardless of whether you agree with the definition of a successful business, it is a fact. If you want to stay in business, you must generate revenue. Yet, I see many SBOs struggle with this fundamental concept.

The #1 Reason Most Small Business Owners Fail

FACT: Most Small Business Owners won’t do what it takes to succeed.

Instead ,they would rather fill their day with busy work. I explain this in greater detail in the #1 Bestselling Book: Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner.

As a tenured Business Coach, I see this the most with SBOs who have left the corporate world. They found ways to make activities expand or distract themselves and have carried these unfavorable practices into their own business. This directly limits achievement.

Never underestimate the power of reviewing the basics…

Let’s start at the beginning to simplify this and find where your gap may be thwarting your goals! Here’s the short version of how to do this:

You create a goal. Let’s say it’s to bring a new product or service to Your Marketplace. You set the deadline as to when you want to achieve this. Write down this date.

Your goal is the vision of how this will improve and support Your Business’s Profitability and the way it will improve your lifestyle. Write down your vision. This could be what it is and the purpose of it. What your financial goals are for creating this offering. Additionally you may include how it will improve the lives of your customers and/or coworkers.

In order to create the appropriate tactics or actions, you must create a strategy or plan. Your plan will have different milestones in it (points where your tactics are completed) that are moving you closer to the over vision and goal. Write down your milestones to fulfill your vision.

Your Mission comes from Your Strategy. Now you begin developing your tactics or actions. Each milestone is a completed tactic along your journey of success. Different tactics or actions which will help you progress toward your goal. These are all the actions or to-dos necessary to accomplish your goal.

After you see your list of actions to fulfill each mission along the way, you start calendaring them. Yes, involve your calendar! 

Consistent dedication supports your mission

Your activity, when focused on the right actions instead of busyness, will help you crush your goals all day long. 

Isn’t it time you step into action on what matters to you? Start today.

WARNING: You may realize that your goal requires more strategy and/or actions than you initial envisioned. If that’s the case, change the delivery date or add more resources to accomplish it by your chosen date. Whatever you do, don’t quit right here! Adapt to survive.

If you don’t know where to begin, click on: No-Cost Consultation and share how you’re stuck and what you need help with. We can have a quick conversation to get you moving in the right direction to accomplish your goals. (Don’t bring your credit card to this conversation, I won’t accept it!)

Let’s get busy working on the things that matter most to you!

What do you need to do differently to crush your goal this year with a new mission? Share in the comment section. 

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p.s.:  Let’s see how we can create better outcomes through being more mindful with our time and actions.

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