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4 Keys for Strong Sales to Boost Business Now

4 keys to closing sales strong illustrated by chain links and padlock and key placed on top of the chain.
4 Keys to closing sales isn’t difficult, but with practice it will improve your closing ratio!

4 Keys For Strong Sales Closes:
Do you know these keys?

4 Keys, that’s it, just 4 to smooth out closing a sale! YOUR Business needs sales to survive. If you don’t have enough sales to support YOUR Business, you won’t be in business for long! Now this sounds simple, doesn’t it? Closing sales isn’t difficult if you understand the 4 Keys for Strong Sales Closes. NOTE: Even though there’s always 4 Keys – there will always be variations for each sale.

4 Keys For Closing A Sale Story:

This is your story. Think back to the last sale you didn’t close. Who was involved? What were you selling? What happened? Were the two of you aiming for the same goal? Did one of you have a different agenda? Was your offering an appropriate solution?

Often sales that should have closed don’t. Why? The 4 Keys aren’t identified early enough in the process – if at all. As Business Owners, you are the primary Sales Person for YOUR Business. You won’t close every sale, but you will improve your closing ratio if you begin studying sales.

TIP: I suggest two books: “Selling“, by Tom Peters and “The Little Red Book of Selling” by Jeffrey Gitomer. Both authors are seasoned salesman and best selling authors for a reason. Gitomer has a series of books of supporting topics to help you strengthen your professional expertise.

4 Keys for Strong Sales Closes:

Sales involves two parties. You are the seller. The other party is the potential customer. You are selling your product or service and hopefully they need and want it enough to purchase it. Now that we’ve set the stage let’s continue with the 4 keys:

Key 1: The Decision Maker

Who is your customer? Is it the person you are having conversations with or is it someone else? At times we may think we are speaking with the decision maker, but we aren’t. Speaking with the interested party, or influencer, is good. It won’t close the sale, but it’s good. The better person to be speaking with is the decision maker. How do you know who the decision maker is? They are the one who has the final purchasing power for your offering.

Key 2: The Decision Maker’s Pain & Goal

This is a key which is overlooked far too often. Some people focus on either the decision makers pains or goals, but not both. Both are important because if you can quickly understand what is hampering their success, you know if your offering is a valid solution. Then you begin positioning it as the bridge to help them get to their goal.

Key 3: YOUR Solution

I start connecting Key#2 to this already for you. YOUR Solution is the primary to the conversation. Why? It trumps the decision maker’s pain and goal because it is their resolution. But, it’s not the most important element for you until you have super-sleuthed their pain and goal thoroughly.

Key 4: Timing

We always hear, “Timing is everything” for a reason, it is. Closing a sale is sheer evidence of a sales person mastering listening and the timing of a close. I believe it can be done gracefully. When the decision maker feels you’re authentic and care about them, their pains and goals, and you have an appropriate solution – it’s golden. You are then able to close them effortlessly.

The 4 Keys to a strong sales close isn’t rocket science. It’s some science, but it’s more art than anything. Just like playing the piano or riding a bicycle, it takes practice. The more you study and practice sales and closing, the better you become. Sales is an art.

YOUR Business needs you to be a great sales person. If you don’t sell your business’s offerings, who can? Your competition! Don’t you think now is a great time to strengthen YOUR Sales Muscles to end this year strong?

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