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Bathing YOUR Business Baby to Boost Sales

Bathing your business baby depicted by a baby bathing in a bathtub.
Bathing Your Business Baby makes you more attractive!

Bathing YOUR Business “Baby”
Ready for 5 tips to improve marketing efforts?

Bathing YOUR Business Baby, are you scratching your head trying to figure out what I’m talking about? I would be! The past several posts  I have been discussing how business owners are too much of a pushover for, and to, their own businesses.

Many Business Owners aren’t managing what happens with their baby (business). This leads me to believe they may not understand how dependent their business is upon them – similar to a baby being dependent upon a parent. Tending to your baby (business) diligently will improve YOUR Business’s Performance.

When I’m working with clients we find metaphors which are very impactful for them to build a relationship with their business. I always start everyone with discussing how their business is their baby. It truly cannot do anything without them. This analogy really hits home since most come to me to help them with their start-up, clean-up, or expansion.

So far in this Pushover/Baby blog series we’ve discussed how “Pushover” shows up for Business Owners. Click here: Get my Pushover Score. We have also discussed how feeding your baby is similar to sales activities and diaper changes can be similar to customer service. Today we are going to discuss how bathing your baby is similar to developing your product/service offerings.

Bathing YOUR Business Offerings:
Similar to bathing a baby?

Bathing a baby and bathing YOUR Business offerings is quite similar. Bathing is about washing off all the old. It’s about being presentable. Babies can get away with something that adults aren’t able to pull off. They can have food all over their face, hands, and arms and we find them more endearing. Not so much for adults and even less tolerance for businesses. What have you been asking your customers to endure and prospective customers to tolerate?

Bathing your offerings can help your cash register get noisy again!

Bathing your business baby can reactivate this rickety old green metal cash register.
Ready to bath your business offerings to crank up this machine of yours?

#1 Are your offerings messy and need to be cleaned up?
Do they have old clip art or no visuals to regularly engage your customers? That’s right, not just for social media, but within your actual offerings your customers experience. (I’m in the middle of doing this and it takes a little time, but it’ll offer an even richer customer experience.)

#2 Are you using email to communicate with your customers instead of encrypted communication services?
I don’t use email with customers. I’m not willing to allow one of my communications to get lost in the email shuffle. Additionally, my communications with my clients are personal to them and I don’t want anyone to open their inbox and read them.

#3 If you do online sales, is your sales process a one-click process?
Once upon a time so many commerce sites wanted us to jump through hoops to purchase products. Customers aren’t going to waste time trying to get their cheese through your mouse maze. Clean up your purchasing process and receipt process to complete the sale.

#4 Are you using outdated names and phrases for your offerings?
It’s time to be a 21st century business. Are you still developing products for last century? Take a look at what you’re offering. It’s probably time to wipe the dust bunnies off the old language and become more appealing, trendy, relevant. Freshen these babies up!

#5 Are you still preaching or becoming interactive?
Last century we were lectured and preached at to learn new things. That was so 1999! Now we like being able to do activities. Yes, we are much more experiential learners this century. Consider reviewing your offerings to make them more interactive.

… Are you still creating endless landing/sales pages?
Ooops! That topic is for our next post.

Bathing YOUR Business Baby is serious business

Over the past year I’ve shared with you how I’m revamping my business’s focus and model. I too have been working on bathing my business baby so it’s more presentable and modernized for customers and prospective customers. It takes a great deal of time and work.

Looking for your next steps? Reach out to someone who can effectively guide you through the steps your business baby needs from you! Wow, this bathing your business baby “business” is a full time job, isn’t it?

Please feel free to comment or share how you’re going to start bathing your business baby to improve your business’s success!


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p.s.: Remember to take a break from your baby every once in a while. Even if you need to find a babysitter.


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