November 21


Extending Gratitude Always Improves Business Relationships

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.: Extending Gratitude illustrated by a handmade Thank You Card in blue butterflies and swirls with golden vines.
It’s a great day to extend gratitude to your customers, team, vendors, and mentors.

Extending Gratitude Always Improves Your
Business Relationships:
5 options for business relationship building

Gratitude is defined* as “an appreciative awareness and thankfulness, as for kindness shown or for something received”. Gratitude runs very close to giving thanks doesn’t it? But the difference is one I refer to as genuine.  (Hang tight this a simple, practical, and powerful business strategy you need to activate to Boost YOUR Business’s Sales.)

When was the last time you were thanked for something but it was an empty thank you? You know what I’m talking about – there wasn’t any meaning of depth behind the words. We’ve all received this good intended but lacklustered thanks from businesses before. Warning: Don’t be that business!

Do you remember when a business expressed their gratitude to you? Of course you do! Why? They meant it AND you felt it. We can feel that appreciative awareness and thankfulness and it let’s us know they are sincere.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question about Gratitude:
Do you go back to businesses who extend their gratitude to you for doing business with them?

Probably as often as possible and you may even pay a little extra for it! Why? We like honoring businesses who are doing the right things. Our society’s reward for good business occurs when we open our wallets.

5 Options for YOUR Business Extending Gratitude

  1. Pick up the phone and call you customers to extend your gratitude for their business. It can be quick AND authentic.
  2.  Send an e-message to your customers. (Take a little time to do this well and you’ll be remembered favorably.)
  3.  Run a Customer Loyalty promotion.
  4. Drop off a useful small gift.
  5. Send a card or handwritten letter.

BONUS: You can do any or all of these in a combination! Get creative and match up your expression of gratitude according to the person who will receive it.

TIP: Don’t allow YOUR Business to get lost in the Christmas Shuffle. As I share every year in this blog, if you want to extend gratitude to YOUR Customers, then give thanks throughout the year. Begin with this week – it’ll lift your spirits and ultimately boost YOUR Business’s profit over time. Put this into action as soon as you read it!

REMEMBER: Include your team members, vendors, and mentors/teachers in this too!

Our next post will be one of the best demonstrations a movie can provide on extending gratitude: WALL-E.

How are you going to be gratitud-ing this week? Feel free to comment or ask questions in the comment section.


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p.s. Always simplify your strategies and align your actions. When you begin with gratitude, everything gets easier! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the American Heritage Dictionary – it’s deeply appreciated.

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