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Resilient Business Owners Often Succeed

Resilient illustrated by a multi-colored rubber bands made into a ball.
Are you resilient enough to support YOUR Business’s success? Double check to learn.

Resilient Business Owners Often Succeed,
But Why?

Resilient behavior supports business success. What makes resiliency important to Business Owners and their businesses performance? Business owners are required to wear many hats. This alone is an example of being resilient. But why is this important to a business’s success? When a Business Owner effortlessly flows from one project to the next, they spend less energy on the small stuff. This allows Business Owners to concentrate on the things which matter.

Recent Resilient Example

Since mid-September, I’ve been invited to speak at multiple events. As I was practicing my presentation for an upcoming event, I looked back at the introduction of my presentation. Yikes! My presentation didn’t fulfill all the elements of the invitation.

I’m so thankful I followed my intuition and double-checked. However this doesn’t mean I didn’t want to cry! Yet I couldn’t. I didn’t have time for that. Instead of crying I decided to laugh at my blip. I owned my truth of creating a great presentation for a slightly different presentation for next month. Then I began getting busy doing what I needed to do for the upcoming presentation.

I don’t believe enough conversation is occurring about the resiliency of Business Owners. After all, even with great concentration, they live in a constant state of flux.

How resilient are you as a Business Owner?

Do you rebound effectively?
Is your approach flexible when strategizing?
Are you able to recover quickly from a blip?
Can you “go with the flow” when necessary?
Are you willing to adapt new techniques?

WARNING: Rigidity isn’t your friend. Focus can be achieved without being inflexible.

Resiliency of top performers

I enjoy watching the Olympic Games. Why? Regardless of any mistake or unfavorable situation, Olympians must be resilient to complete their performance. If you recall, this is what most of the great Olympic stories are about – resiliency. Indeed we honor an athlete’s perfect performance as we should. Have you notice how the memorable stories are the ones of resilient athletes who quickly recovering from their blips or challenges?

Resilient behavior may not be natural for some Business Owners. Initially it wasn’t my forte. Overtime I learned this behavior. The biggest tip I received was that I had choices. I learned I had choices to everything I was experiencing and how I responded. This was a game changer for me. I practice being resilient each day. Some days effortlessly. Other days not so much. Have you already adopted a resilient behavior as a Business Owners?

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything you’d like. Especially to help you become more resilient to accomplish YOUR Business Goals…


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