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Marketing is communication for your business

Marketing simplicity depicted by two infants laying on a plaid blanket as they reach out to eachother.
Is your business marketing as basic as the simplicity of baby talk?

Marketing lets everyone know you have
a great Business “Baby” they should meet

Marketing is communicating or advocating for your business. Since your business is similar to a baby, completely dependent upon you, are you introducing everyone to it? When we have a new baby, we’d like for everyone to meet this precious bundle of joy you have created. But do we do the same with our business and offerings?

YOUR Business is similar to a baby regarding it needs help communicating how awesome it can be. It needs you to not only survive, but thrive. In business we call this marketing. When you launch a business you communicate to others you are in business – marketing. When you create a new offering, you begin marketing for others to notice your offering! When you revamp something in your business, you communicate it to everyone and share how it will be better. Marketing YOUR Business can be this simple.

Why does YOUR Business Need Marketing?

Let’s make sure we aren’t confusing sales with marketing. Sales in when someone is in the purchasing process. Marketing is communicating what is for sale and why it is awesome. Of course this is done in a favorable and ethical manner to intrigue and engage others.

Years ago I was working with a client and he shared how he didn’t know how to do this “marketing thing”. Inside I chuckled, because I saw him market things in social settings. He was a great promoter! He knew his offering, he knew the people he was sharing it with, and he was great at sharing/conversing. NOTE: He always listened attentively and even liked following trends. Sounds like marketing to me!

YOUR Business needs you marketing it, yourself, and your offerings. These 3 are what you should always be promoting. That’s it. I heard someone recently say, “Come by my sh**, it’s really good sh**, just ask me!” He was addressing what NOT to say when we promote our business, but the importance of promoting our business. He’s correct. If you don’t promote your offerings, and your business’s awesomeness, how will anyone know why they ought to consider you?

Babies can’t talk or type, they need an advocate

Have you scored yourself to find out if you’re a Pushover yet? If not click here: Pushover Business Owner. We’ve spent time now talking about how babies are dependent upon you,as is your business. YOUR Business needs you to be a strong marketer. It needs to meet many people.

Marketing's rule: only 3 % are ready to purchase now is depicted with light blue sphere with a dark royal blue number 3 in the center of it.
Only 3% are ready to purchase now.

Only 3% of the population is ready to make a purchase of your product at any moment.

This means you have an opportunity to complete a sales transaction with only 3 out of 100 people. Sales are extremely important to a business’s success. Yet most of your time will most likely be spent on marketing. Think of marketing as simply sharing who you are, what YOUR Business offers, and how it’s beneficial to some folks. If you share this enough, eventually when those 3% are ready to purchase they will come to you. Why? You’ve been continuously promoting your business.

With consistent marketing actions, you stay at the top of the list of preferred providers. What are you waiting for? Become YOUR Business Baby’s best advocate.

CAUTION: Do your homework so you when you’re promoting you don’t start creating messy diapers to change (click here to learn more about customer service and diaper changes).

On this blog we oversimplify strategies and action items for them to be applicable to many different types of businesses. Want to read more specifically about marketing? Please click the blog categories for more posts on: marketing, sales, or improve profitability for specific practical and tactical tips to help you with the Science and Art of Marketing. If you’d like specific assistance, please take advantage of a free business effectiveness consultation below.

Please feel free to comment or share how you’re going to marketing to improve YOUR Business’s success!


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