November 10


Proper preparation successfully supports high performance

Proper preparation successfully
supports high performance

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Proper preparation can make or break Small Business Success.

Proper preparation is a common topic among high performers or high performing teams. But why should Small Business Owners (SBOs) focus on proper preparation? One of the main reasons is the sheer volume of tasks SBOs must accomplish on any given day.

SBOs count on their savvy of preparation and organizational skills to help them achieve Business Success. What if you lack proper preparation?

“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”
~Benjamin Franklin

Preparation helps you win big!

Proper preparation allows you to show up powerfully. Powerful in the manner that you are on your game. You have mental clarity, know what must be accomplished and have the energy, capability and skills to accomplish your objective. When you prepare properly, you also have more confidence.

Doesn’t that sound great? In order to accomplish it, proper preparation must be executed flawlessly. It begins with planning.

Planning involves taking a break to think of all the things which must be completed for a success.

When SBOs take time to plan all necessary actions and resources, they become unstoppable.

Why? They have control of outcomes via proper preparation from planning all aspects of the objective. Do you do this?

This is a classic application of my quote: Slow down to accelerate.

Planning isn’t a natural skill for most SBOs. Proper preparation requires SBOs to stop what they are doing and think of the next situation from every perspective.

Preparation supports  favorable outcomes for YOUR Business Success. By slowing down to plan and prepare properly  you will achieve more of your goals.

Daily Preparation Action Item:

Take 10 minutes today to plan what you need to do for a successful tomorrow. At the end of today, plan your tomorrow. It will save you time and you will have clarity to start the day with momentum. As you plan tomorrow’s right actions, make sure to include any preparation time to accomplish ALL tasks effectively.

Special Note: A deep-hearted moment of appreciation to all armed service members and their families. Happy Veteran’s Day! Additionally, a special Happy Birthday to the USMC (that’s for you SSGT Mongan). Semper Fi!

Do you plan and prepare for YOUR Business success each day? Feel free to comment or ask questions in the comment section.


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p.s. Right actions support YOUR Success. Proper preparation assures the best right actions are routinely created.

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