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Business Owners slowing down to accomplish more each day

Business Owners slowing down
to accomplish more each day

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.: Slowing Down to Accomplish More illustrated by street sign on rural road.
There’s signs everywhere suggesting we start slowing down to accelerate our progress!

Why are Small Business Owners (SBOs) slowing down to accomplish more? I agree this appears counter-intuitive, but it yields very high productivity results and supports YOUR Business Success!

Slowing down to accomplish more… hmmm. Now repeat that, but say it a little more slowly this time – allowing for it to sink in. When we take an extra moment for something to sink in, we are more conscientious with that concept or person.

We begin to create a deeper relationship with it as we ponder further.

When we do this, we usually see things from more perspectives than we initially did. This is where the magic happens.

When we slow down to be with something we understand it better. We can determine what is best.

How does slowing down to accomplish more impact YOUR Productivity?

When you do slow down, you can effectively determine the most efficient manner to address your activities list for the day or week.

You easily notice which activities are priorities and need to occur first. You also notice any sequences to activities which make the next activities more practical or easier.

Many SBOs get caught procrastinating. If this is you, click here to learn more about procrastination by Brian Tracy speaking of “Eating that Frog” first. When we figure out what the ugliest activity is on our list and do it first, we have so much more bandwidth to accomplish our other activities.

Slowing down to accomplish more is a mindful practice for Small Business Owners.

Time and time again, practicing mindfulness will save your day. Do you here blasting trumpets now?

The clarity that’s provided is both astonishing and undeniable.

What about when you are in the middle of a frustrating project or one that takes much longer than you intended? That’s the perfect time to be more mindful about your activities.

I had a new project this week which should’ve only taken an hour. Yet, during hour 3 and 4.5 I reached out to customer service for help.

By slowing down and catching my thoughts before I dialed the phone, I was able to be more efficient with customer service. When I did this, I knew what questions to ask to prevent this situation from occurring again.

Notice: By slowing down, I set myself up to be more efficient with this new process that I’ll use repeatedly.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
Is slowing down to accomplish more an approach that would serve you and YOUR Business well?

What’s YOUR biggest frustration with your activities lists? Let me know and I’ll share some insights on it! 


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p.s. Patience and persistence will always support you accomplishing your goals.

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