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Being prepared immediately gives business owners the upper-hand

Being prepared illustrated by a palm up hand with a globe floating above it.
Business Owners are owning it all by being prepared

Being prepared immediately gives Business Owners
the upper-hand

Being prepared is a concept I value. I value it because I learned the value of it as a young girl learning how to be a Girl Scout. It was reinforced as my parents had more children. I learned how to anticipate a need for their care. It was emphasized while in high school with projects and papers deadlines. Then I married my husband – a Marine at the time. Can you imagine how this amplified my understanding of why it is best to always be prepared?

Most of us have experiences like this, which impact our current way of being. Have you ever thought how all of your past was a great training experience for being a successful Business Owner? All that training has helped you boost YOUR Business Performance.

What does being prepared as Business Owners imply?

What immediately comes to mind when you think of YOUR Business and being prepared? Do you see yourself

  • working with a calendar or planning tool?
  • working ahead of your deadline schedule?
  • constantly filling your sales pipeline?
  • writing blogs and scheduling them out a week or more?
  • building your social media schedule ahead of time?
  • completing your books weekly/monthly?
  • filing your taxes ahead of deadlines?
  • learning more about your expertise?
  • preparing for tomorrow today?
  • being organized?
  • learning new software before you need to use it?
  • utilizing automation and systems?
  • getting more business training?

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
Whatever YOUR Business requires of you, are you constantly being prepared to perform well?

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What does YOUR Business need to be more prepared for success? Please answer in the comment section.


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