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Small Business Owners: YOUR Boss is a Jerk?

YOUR Boss is a Jerk?
Wait a minute, isn’t that you?

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Who me? The Boss is a jerk. Oh-Oh! I better read this…

Your Boss is a Jerk. Gee, you’re not alone! But wait Maggie, I’m the Boss so this doesn’t apply to me. Wrong! You might be the exception to this rule, but it would support YOUR Business Successfully to consider all aspects of this concept.

What makes this unique is if you are a Small Business Owner (SBO), than you most likely are a jerk of a boss! Hang with me for a 2 more minutes – you’ll be amazed by these 2 unexpected twists!

Recently I heard a very tenured SBO say, “Yeah, my boss is a jerk. Let me see if I can do that.” This person was a micro-business owner and calls all the shots for his team. So it was a little hilarious. But this can get very deep quickly…

As SBOs, we need to make sure that we aren’t jerks to our customers, suppliers, and internal team members. Now, that part is pretty common knowledge, isn’t it? Sure it is. But you’d be amazed how many SBOs are being jerks to their teams and customers. Just start paying attention to how often the topic comes up about “bad management” or “bad customer service”. You’ll be surprised!

Now let’s take a look at the first twist of “My Boss is a Jerk” for SBOs.

As an SBO, you are an employee of YOUR Business. You work for the owner (you). Without fail, all employees need direction and accountability.

You, as an SBO employee, are no different! Let me explain: How often do you give yourself a clear directive to achieve? What about the resources to do the job effectively and efficiently? See? This is where it unravels: you, as the Boss, are jerking around you, as an employee.

Employees (even if this is you working on YOUR Business) need direction, resources, accountability, and feedback. Why? To become more efficient at what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis. We already know this, but as SBOs we don’t think of it this way when we assess productivity and contribution levels – especially our own.

Are you ready for the crazier twist of “My Boss is a Jerk”?

You, as an employee, are being a jerk to your Boss. Ready for this? When you know you need to complete something at a certain level or by a certain time and don’t – you, as an employee of the business, are the jerk. How so? You are not fulfilling your deliverables and it’s negatively impacting YOUR Business’s progress.

Whoa – that’s a biggie! Either way you most likely aren’t showing up as powerfully as you could be to support YOUR Business successfully.

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p.s. SBOs – don’t settle for another year of less than optimum productivity!

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