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Quitting when on the verge of success

Quitting - the easy way out. Illustrated by a man's working boots worn in while in a construction workshop.
Business Success and Profitability is hard work. Don’t start quitting before you succeed!

Quitting when on the verge of success –
happens too frequently in small business!

Quitting, it’s common. For Small Business Owners to give up when they are the verge of success is heartbreaking. Their business’s are waiting to perform, but aren’t being prepared to do so. As a Business Coach and Strategist, I see it far too often. Just when everything is starting to come together, but they don’t realize it – they quit. Ugh! So close but no celebration.

Typically Business Owners quit because of two reasons. They either don’t know what to do or they won’t do what they need to do.

Quitting Cause A: “They don’t know what to do”

This is understandable. If they were an expert at how to launch, clean-up, or step-up their business they would be in business helping others do the same. They aren’t. Usually they don’t know what they don’t know.

It’s understandable. I don’t know anything about dentistry and wouldn’t want to try to work on someone’s teeth without training of some sort. That would be frustrating and most likely wouldn’t result in anything favorable.

Quitting Cause A Solution: Trainers, teachers, and guides assist with improving performance. Find and trust someone who is tenured in the areas you seek assistance. Follow their process – it works for a reason.

“Not wanting to Quit” Client Success Story:

Earlier today I had a client in my office for the full day. She is extremely intelligent and has been working on launching a business in a new field. She had been trying to land what her business is and how to express it for over 6 months on her own. The, we sat down and discussed her broad vision.

Immediately we started breaking through some old stinking thinking that was holding her back. Additionally we reviewed things she had created  but didn’t know what to do them. Then, we gave her tools to help her define her Business’s Purpose, Vision, Mission and Ideal Customer, as well as I gave her the tools to begin developing her first product for her marketplace. She left confident, relieved, and with appropriate tools and a game plan to support her Business Launch successfully and profitably. Of course, she’s still in the infancy stage, but now she is able to progress to a toddler level.

If this Business Owner wouldn’t have found someone with the appropriate tools, quitting would have been her option. She would have picked up a j-o-b and daydreamed about what could’ve been. Self-doubt would’ve lived strong within her.

 Quitting Cause B: “They won’t do what they need to do”

This one is the rub. When Business Owners have been working on something so diligently and have mentally formed it, they have difficulty doing what they need to do instead of what they have done. This happens to all of us from time to time. That’s not what I’m referencing here. I’m referencing when a Business Owner continues to avoid the work or tries to create a better tool than what the expert has provided.

Why is this quitting harmful? It erodes at one’s self confidence. This Business Owner’s pattern is one of trying and not succeeding. Then repeating this cycle several more times.

Quitting Cause B Solution: Swallowing one’s pride and releasing under-delivering approaches. Quickly come to a realization that you aren’t an expert at Business Development and that’s OK. Do the work, as it’s designed and assigned, in the manner it is provided to you.

CAUTION: If you qualify for Quitting Cause A or B it’s time to take action now! Don’t postpone your success and profitability any longer. Start talking to someone who is qualified to assist you. You don’t need to work with them, just start the conversation to learn of potential solutions for your  situation.

My direct dial is below and the link for YOUR No-cost Consultation is there too. Either way, just reach out. I’m happy to help you start moving in the right direction.

What’s that one snag holding you back from your success? Please share your answer in the comment section.


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