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Happiness is designed by each entrepreneur

Happiness is designed by entrepreneurs illustrated by two smiling Hawaiian women with flowers in their hair.
Happiness is designed by Business Owners. Are you infusing it in all you do?

Happiness is designed by
each entrepreneur

Happiness is designed. YOUR Performance and YOUR Business’s Performance depends on you learning the value of this. I’ll explain more in a moment to any of the doubters out there.

“Happiness is not an accident.
Nor is it something you wish for:

Happiness is something you design.”
~Jim Rohn

What constitutes happiness is an individual preference. One designs it.

Click on my Pursuit of Happiness blogpost to learn the truth about this commonly misunderstood phrase written in The United States of America’s Declaration of Independence. Furthermore, I discuss how it’s extremely relevant to successful Business Ownership. It’s an interesting read with a link to the document itself.

Business as a route to happiness is designed:
10 approaches

Whether this occurs consciously or unconsciously, each day entrepreneurs or Business Owners design their happiness through a multitude of business functions. 

  1. Launching a business to serve others
  2. Choosing your unique approach of YOUR Business’s Purpose
  3. Serving customers you choose to service
  4. Providing a solution the way you see it most effective
  5. Developing better products and services
  6. Creating better systems to internally manage business
  7. Defining strategies to attain goals
  8. Creating marketing and sales processes
  9. Self-managing oneself – including vacationing
  10. Managing the Business’s Performance

When reviewing the above list, which isn’t specific about daily tasks, it becomes clear there are many different aspects of how you create and deliver your business to your marketplace which impacts your happiness. Indeed, happiness is designed by entrepreneurs.

So, if you aren’t happy, what are you going to do to shift this? Just because you have a busy schedule or are working long days, or even on a steep learning curve it doesn’t mean happiness doesn’t live in your business. You can have all these things and be happy. All those activities that are on your project list are to help you support YOUR Vision – each one is good! If you aren’t feeling it, do YOUR Business a great favor – take a vacation or at least a break from the norm. You design your happiness and YOUR Business’s Success. Why not get busy designing it the way you want it to be?

What can you change to assure YOUR Business is providing happiness to you? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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p.s. Designing happiness for yourself and YOUR Business isn’t foo-foo stuff at all. It can save you from the intensity of your workload. 

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