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Flexibility of Plans

Flexibility of Plans:
Today’s Business Strategy


Business Rescue Coach Maggie asks you:

Do you plan for your desired outcome?
Are you experiencing what you want in life and business?
Do you create enough cushion for flexibility in your plan?

Flexibility for Success Business Strategies
Flexibility with Cush

YOUR Business Strategy today is to quickly reflect if you honor yourself (and team) by creating enough flexibility into your plan. OK, this won’t take but a moment…  Alright, if you are like most people you don’t give yourself enough flexibility in your plan for all the unexpected little thing , or sometimes big things, which happen all the time! Don’t fret, we have a simple solution for you…

The Simplest Flexibility Solution

Alright, let’s all just admit that no matter how we plan for our most beneficial outcome, stuff happens – all the time! So why not build into your plan a way to manage all the unexpected stuff?

The best way to allow the stuff to happen in a most effective and efficient manner is to build a “cushion” of time (giving you the opportunity to be more flexible) into your plan. Have a hard deadline of Friday, make your “soft” or pre-deadline on Wednesday. This way you have enough time to handle all the little stuff that could happen. If it doesn’t, you are ahead of deadline and with great success you are able to jump into your next project. Isn’t this simple and wonderful way to create flexibility into your plans?

The Flexibility Cushion Effect

For a decade now, I have had my clients practice this flexibility mind-saving technique! Over time we have called it “cush“. Whether my client is a male (King) or female (Queen), they either become the King or Queen of Cush 🙂  Once this new flexibility practice becomes habitual, they are delivering projects in a much more graceful manner which brings them a great deal of peace instead of stress.

 Example of Cush Flexibility in Action

This past 10 days, my husband and I were on Harley riding vacation. We build in enough flexibility to enjoy all the things we could do. We enjoy the extra stops and eve had plenty of time to do with a mid-trip motorcycle repair – yikes 🙁  and with no stress because we had enough flexibility or cush in our vacation plan.

We even took it one step forward and didn’t tell everyone when we were coming back so we had some time to ourselves- to get back into our rhythm gently, and chill out. It was wonderful! Yes, I chose to share a personal example so you can see how applicable this wonderfully powerful strategy can be for you! Now, I bet your mind is really racing, isn’t it?

Think about flexibility like this: Need to make calls, don’t promise it until you can build a little cush in so you can do it on time! Need to run an errand, don’t promise it until you can build a little cush in so you can do it on time! Need to get a projected completed, don’t promise it until you can build a little cush in so you can do it on time! Isn’t this cool?

  Today’s Flexibility or “Cush” Action Item

1.  Today: look at all the projects you have on your calendar. Select one that you know you can build more cush into so you don’t feel crushed as it’s deadline is approaching.

2. Repeat with another project, and another. Enjoy the benefit of cush flexibility!

Remember: When you first take on a new project make sure you are creating enough flexibility for yourself by creating your cush right into the deadline plan 🙂


Are you ready to Step into your new way of being a King and Queen of Cush? Why don’t you share how this is shaping up a current project or two you are currently working on? Feel free to “Leave a Reply & Comment” so we can all help each other build Brilliant Businesses 🙂

It can be all different this year…
if you plan to deliver different results in 2013!

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
or any other Business Strategies we have been discussing,
please reach out to Maggie (262) 716.7750   FYI: I’m in the Central Time Zone

Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Business Rescue Coach
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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  1. I appreciate this one….. I do always give a project end date, but it is never my real date….. I usually give myself three different dates and have the third date the real one….. I have the first date as to when I would like it finished……ideally…. then the second date is an okay date and third one is the absolute final date. It works great for me.

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