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Year End Performance Review for 2014 Business

Year End Performance Review:
2014 Business

What is the value of a year end review?
Do you have a year end process?
When do you start your year end performance review?

Gold Star that was given when year end activities produced great results!
Year End Performance Review

Year end activities are in full swing this time of the year! If you’re still on a hard copy calendar new ones are ordered or about to be purchased. Pulling together a last round of receipts, reviewing revenue, expenses, and profit are still predominant activities. All this happens amidst conducting business, attending holiday parties and programs, and of course extra shopping and baking Christmas cookies and cherished family and friends time!

Year End Performance Review

Did YOUR Business Profit deliver what you intended at the end of 2014?

Congratulations if it did! I’m hearing more people saying they either accomplished their revenue goal or came very close to it! If your year end financials are confirming a different story, this is your golden opportunity. Right now! You have a choice. Choose to settle for this or do something different than what you did this year to get different results for next year. Which option will you choose to launch 2015 successfully?

Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting the same result…”. (FYI: it has never been confirmed that Einstein actually said or wrote this. Yet, we will credit him since no one else has been confirmed as an originator of this quote.)

Year End Activities: I recall a a story circa the turn of the century…

I love year end activities! I remember about 12+ years ago I was very close (just one deal/placement away) from being considered a top performer in the organization. Back in my executive recruiter days, this was a great opportunity. It awarded a high-end week long trip to the Caribbean. What a crazy month that was trying to close a big deal during Christmas! Juggling an aggressive work schedule and young children during the holidays was no small feat!

I was aggressively working another deal – just in case this one didn’t close! I stayed on top of it and was able to close the deal on December 30th. I made my goal of $200,000 production by $137. I was so proud of that excess of $137! Matter in fact, the image of the gold star in this post is my actual star from that goal attainment. I keep it where I can see it to remind me of what happens when I do “just a little bit more”. Yes, it actually does support accomplishment! Remember, that back-up deal I was working? I closed it during the first week in January, which started my new year with a great start too! Remember: Success breeds success.

Your year end activities should begin with gratitude for all the blessings you and your business have received. After you review your year end performance, set your intentions for next year. Then actively begin envisioning them. Click here to learn more about envisioning.

If you need some assistance on planning or strategizing your Action Plan on how to achieve YOUR 2015 Goals, my number is below. I’d love to see how we can change and support your business’s performance to fulfill your intentions!

 Please feel free to comment or share what you are envisioning 2015 in the comment section.


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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p.s. Year End activities matter! With closing that second deal during the first week of January, I was able be recognized as a top performer the following year as well. The traction gained from amping up my year end activities served me quite well. Hopefully, it will do the same for you!


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