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Effortlessly Master YOUR Marketplace Message

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Create and uncork the power of YOUR Business’s Marketplace Message.

Effortlessly Master
YOUR Marketplace Message

How often to you see people mastering their Business’s Marketplace Message? Probably not to often. Let’s fix this! When you’re watching someone deliver an ad, presentation, or training, and they aren’t delivering their marketplace message effectively, don’t you feel bad for them? I sure do!

So how do you make sure you aren’t making the same mistake?

YOUR Business needs you to have a marketplace message. It defines YOUR Business Success.

What is a Marketplace Message?

A Marketplace Message is the message (conversation) you are serving up to the people who are your potential customers (YOUR Marketplace). It’s what you do as a business.

This isn’t complicated.

You opened YOUR Business to provide a solution. Right? Right!

Now it’s your job to create a message that you share throughout the marketplace.

Why do I keep saying marketplace?

Small Business Owners (SBOs) need help embracing that they really do have a marketplace.

When you understand you have a marketplace, it helps you realize you need to consistently show up in or at that marketplace and be present.

Today we may not have a brick and motor place to conduct business. If you do, that’s the place you serve your marketplace.

Modern Marketplace of SBOs

Many SBOs have more of a fluid marketplace today. This makes it even more crucial to have a clear Marketplace Message.

When a business has a physical space, they usually have a business sign with their name on it. Then they have a store window or an image of what they do, so you could decided if you want to engage with them or not  – check out what they have to sell. You engage by walking through the door of their business.

If you’re an SBO, who no longer has a physical place of business, your still need to invite potential customers to engage with you.

YOUR Marketplace Message must be well defined to help people understand why they should engage with you.

Having a solid Marketplace Message helps potential customers understand what potential solution you may be able to provide for them. It’s your storefront window to attract them.

The easiest way to create YOUR Marketplace Message

There is something called The XYZ Statement. This statement is very powerful for SBOs to master because it helps them clarify who they serve, what they provide, and the benefit their customers gain.  The is magical because it all happens in one sentence or statement.

The X defines who you serve. It identifies YOUR Ideal Customer.

The Y defines the solution you provide or what you do to help them.

The Z defines the benefit YOUR Customers gain from engaging with YOUR Awesomeness.

As an example, here’s my business’s Marketplace Message (XYZ Statement):

I guide Small Business Owners to simplify strategies and align actions so they can build a profitable and peaceful business ultimately allowing them to fully step into their potential.

Example break down:

X = Small Business Owners
Y = simplify strategies and align actions
Z = build a profitable and peaceful business

Now, because I’ve worked with SBOs for about 15 years, I also know they want to step or live into their potential. This is why my Z has a bonus: allowing them to fully step into their potential. It also assures I’m engaging the analytical mind as well as the creative mind.

Could I have ended my XYZ Statement after the word “business”? Sure. It would have sufficed.

Is it possible that my Z is “allowing them to fully step into their potential”? Sure.

Am I worried about they specifics of my XYZ Statement right now? Nope!

Why? I’ve tested it with hundreds of people and they really get jazzed when I bring it together with the “potential” phrase.

YOUR Marketplace Message Action Item:

This week work on defining YOUR X, YOUR Y, and YOUR Z. Then go test it in YOUR Marketplace. Pay attention to the physical cues people are giving you when you share it. If they aren’t engaging, it’s flat – not intriguing enough to engage them. Go back to your drawing board. Keep experimenting until you nail it!

NOTE to Online Business Owners: Make sure you do this. Then monitor your CTRs and time lengths.  Ideally, you’d still want to test this on people so you can see their reaction – it’ll streamline your process considerably!

Have fun doing this. When you nail it, you’ll have tons of fun sharing it with YOUR Marketplace and seeing their faces light up.

Bonus Round: Please feel free to share YOUR XYZ Marketplace Message in the comments section.


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p.s. Mastering YOUR Marketing Message will attract more customers to you than you ever could have imagined!

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