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New Ways to Achieve Small Business Success

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New ways can be a Small Business Owner’s best friend. No need to wait any longer!

New Ways to Achieve Small Business Success

New ways surely aren’t a new concept when a new year rolls around. Yet, many Small Business Owners are still too relaxed on activating new actions to support improved business performance.

This delay or hesitation happens for many different reasons: self-sabotage, denial, laziness, etc., but you can create a different reality ASAP!

It’s up to you to make it happen and it’s just doesn’t happen because you intend it to be so.

Here’s another hard fact: the University of Scranton’s research states that only 8% of New Year Resolutions are achieved.

What do you do now that you know New Year Resolutions aren’t the most effective way to achieve better results?

Want to hear the craziness of all this “new ways” stuff?

Almost everyone does it wrong! So why continue to do it the same way?

Typically when people are looking to make a big change, they try to make grandiose moves. This is what trips everyone on their pathway to success.

I spend an enormous amount of time working with clients to help them understand the best way to achieve big results is with many incremental actions.  What I call “baby steps“.

When small right actions are repeated time after time, these incremental actions deliver phenomenal results.

Just about every high performance teacher teaches consistency of manageable actions. Why? It works!

Yet, just about every Small Business Owner tries to make magnanimous actions to achieve their goals.

What’s the problem with this crazy approach? It’s unsustainable!

If you want to make change happen, all you need to do is create a different action. Once you make a different action occur, you will create a different result. This is easier than it sounds and it delivers different results every time.

Have you considered these new ways?

  • Instead of checking email first, make necessary phone calls.
  • Plan tomorrow’s agenda before you complete today’s workday.
  • Whatever you do, don’t turn on the TV.
  • Review YOUR Performance each day.
  • Prioritize your critical deliverable action items.

It goes without saying that when you take on new ways, you create new patterns. Additionally, when you make better choices of action, you create more favorable results.

“Don’t be an Agent for Change. Be an Agent of Change.”
~Maggie Mongan

I’ve been saying the above statement for 15 years. I want to share it now because this time of the year it’s highly relevant.

Please do yourself and YOUR Business a great favor by becoming an Agent OF Change. When you do, you become strategic to assure your tactics align to your desired outcome.

Don’t wait! Get busy this week creating new ways for YOUR Business to effectively achieve new results.

 New ways create new results! Start yours in the most practical fashion right away this week!


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p.s. New year- new ways. Make them practical.

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