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Sales process needing simplification to increase revenue?

Improving YOUR Sales Process illustrated by 2 profiles of faces facing eachother and one filled with questions and the other filled with hearts.
Increase YOUR Revenue by addressing your potential customer’s needs during YOUR Sales Process.

Sales Process: Does Yours Need Simplification
to Increase YOUR Revenue?

Are You Aware of the Steps to Your Sales Process?
Do You Know How Your Sales Process Works?
Is Your Sales Process a Process?

Sales Process awareness is critical for business – especially small businesses. It is true that every business’s lifeblood is a sale. Often Small Business Owners don’t have as many opportunities to capture a closed sale. This is why I believe it’s more important for Small Business Owners to understand the sales process. Then adapting it to their particular business.

Unaware of YOUR Sales Process:
Can You Relate to this Story?

I have an acquaintance who launched his business. He sort of had the “Midas Touch”. He met all the right people, who wanted to support his mission. Yet he struggled to acquire customers.

What was happening? He was in the right place at the right time and not one sale or opportunity to collaborate to build events to serve! What was the glitch in his business? He didn’t know his sales process nor how and when to take interested parties further into the sales process.

There were no opportunities to serve up his solution because his focus was on meeting more people. His marketplace visibility had nothing to do with building a business because it wasn’t purpose driven. He was very successful at building relationships, but not on delivering what his business needed to perform well.

What’s YOUR Sales Process?

Every business has a sales process. If you have multiple offerings you may have multiple sales processes.

Do you know YOUR Business’s Sales Process?

Can you specifically describe how you work with a potential client to convert them to a customer? Most Small Business Owners can’t. This is to their detriment. YOUR Sales Process doesn’t need to be long and arduous. In fact, I suggest the opposite! Please click here to read our insightful post about the 4 Keys to the Sales Process. When you understand the 4 Keys to the Sales Process, this next part will make even more sense.

When you are amidst YOUR Sales Process there is another process occurring simultaneously with yours. It’s the Decision Maker’s Purchasing Decision Making Process. You are trying to sell and they are trying to decide if this is a good purchase. A potential customer has their own process and it’s very important for you to honor it. If you wait too long to convert them to a customer, you lose the opportunity. If you try to rush this process you repel them..


Set aside 2 hours to write out YOUR Sales Process and YOUR Decision Makers Purchasing Decision Process.

NOTE: Specifically write down what you communicate and why. Then write down what they are trying to discern according to what you are sharing with them. Remember to write down their objections into their process. Once you have these two processes well defined, put them side by side. Look at where they align and don’t align.

Now you have these two processes defined and you notice where they are aligned and mis-aligned. Adjust when you weren’t addressing their needs in the sales process.  

Now write out YOUR New and Improved Sales Process, which focuses on the Decision Makers Process. Practice it. Then simplify it once more and you’re ready to deliver it to your next potential customer. Congratulations, now you have a defined process for YOUR Sales Process.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything you’d like. We are here to help you Step-Up to accomplish YOUR Business Goals…


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