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The Cobbler: Business Movie Review

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. The Cobbler movie poster illustrates the cobbler where different shoes and all the possibilities of life.
The Cobbler movies teaches us 3 important business strategies about compassion, customers, and tradition. Watch and learn!

“The Cobbler” movie teaches business strategies of Customer Commitment, Compassion,
& Tradition

“The Cobbler” (2014) movie is a family movie. This is another great movie with Adam Sandler at the helm. The Cobbler is a story about an Jewish cobbler (by the way Sandler means cobbler in Jewish) immigrant, whose neighborhood is being strong armed by thugs. Then it fast forwards to modern day, where the neighborhood is being coerced by developers to sell their homes and businesses in a run down area of the city. The cobbler’s business is struggling.

The current day cobbler has equipment break down and pulls out an old stitcher to complete his work. He has something magical happen and then he remembers the warning about using that particular equipment. Of course the movie has it’s ups and downs of the cobbler’s life story, as well as a couple different “a-ha” hero storylines mixed with reality and different forms of love.

It was difficult selecting which business strategies to highlight for you to improve Business Performance, there were so many ! Here’s Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc’s Top 3 Strategies to infuse into YOUR Business.

The Cobbler Business Strategy #1
Commitment to YOUR Customers

The stage is set with a struggling cobbler waiting for his customer to pick up a pair of shoes. Putting everything else on hold to accommodate a customer’s request of picking up their shoes that evening.

How often do you adjust your schedule to accommodate YOUR Customer’s needs?

Customers are the lifeblood of YOUR Business. They are the ones who reward you with income so you can continue to stay in business. Without YOUR Customer, you have no business.

Are you remembering to give them the best customer experience possible? Are you always finding improved ways to serve them? What about once your service is complete – are you still sending them love?

The Cobbler Business Strategy #2

Being a people isn’t always easy. We do things we must. We also do things we want. The cobbler is no different and finds himself tending to his mother in an extra-ordinary fashion. Ultimately through this experience, he learns the unknown truths about his life.

Are you extending compassion to others?

Compassion has various approaches in business. One of the biggest clues that you’re practicing compassion is that you take time out to listen to YOUR Team, Customers, and people in general.

“BE-ing” with people may be a clue you are compassionate. After all, when you have something you want to share, don’t you feel better when someone listens to you or gives you an extra moment of consideration?

The Cobbler Business Strategy #3
Tradition (per The Marine on our team)

Yes, the Marine on our team would all over tradition and walking in another person’s shoes. Each storyline here is about tradition and compassion. However, often the only way we can truly experience another’s world is by walking in their shoes.

Our human journey requires thick skin. Even if we were to jump in another’s shoes, we don’t know their backstory. When you see other successful business owners, do you begrudge them their success? Often I hear other business owners grumbling about the success of others. This baffles me because it’s what they too are seeking.

We never know what another does to keep tradition or attain significant breakthroughs. Keeping tradition in business is as simple as habits, routines, or patterns. Traditions aren’t easy to uphold at times.

Usually traditions require additional efforts. Sometimes they don’t make much sense for today’s world. Yet, those who honor tradition have a deeper sense of commitment and contentment.

Are you upholding traditions for YOUR Business Success?  If not, it might be time for you to put the appropriate amount of attention on this!

Which one of the Business Strategies from The Cobbler movie would serve YOUR Business best right now?


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