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Team Management: Open communication saves time

Team Management Efficiency: Open communication

A British Telephone Booth is a slightly snow covered  country scene depicts team management requiring open communicaion
Team Management requires open communication- is your door open?

Solo Entrepreneurs Require Equal Team Management

Team management is essential for solo-entrepreneurs too! Team management is for every Business Owner-Leader out there. Why? There is no way that one person can do every single thing necessary in a business any longer. Too often we forget that much of what our business does is delegated now.

Recently I was at a meeting and I hear a business owner share, how they do everything for their own business their self. They don’t have a staff, nor do any outsourcing. I was surprised to hear such an egotistical statement. Yet, I’m not sure it was a sign of out of egoism on steroids or they don’t realize how much they have outsourced.

Regardless of size and services, most businesses require a website and hosting, research, customer services, social media, a sales machine, marketing, printing, shipping, and technology communications. This isn’t a complete list, but it’s a common one. Over time we’ve converted some of these services from in-house to external service providers. I don’t know anyone who has their own cell phone manufacturing division, their own marketing division, a web hosting service division, printing division, and a shipping division. Do you?

External Team Management Trending

Many small businesses have become accustom to outsourcing over the past 10 years. To some it may not be recognized as team management any longer. It just happened so seamlessly over time. Yet team management effectiveness is crucial to every business’s success. Perhaps this is even more true than we initially realize. Today, Business Owners-Leaders are responsible for what we place in the trusted hands external teams too.

Recently I had one of my service providers (team members), who is the lead of that (outsourced) department, give me some less than favorable news about something that wasn’t working correctly. They were upfront with it from the get-go. I may not have even noticed it. But then other things weren’t right. Together we uncovered a another issue which had crept into the service. With our open communication we were able to nip it quickly before the issue was complete out of control and would negatively impact my business. I am grateful for this team leader for doing the right thing and keeping the communication flowing.

One of the reasons were were able to efficiently rectify the issue: we already had a very good rapport with eachother because of our open communication approach for effective team management.

BRILLIANT BREAKTHROUGHS BIG QUESTION: Do you have this spoken understanding with your service providers?

BRILLIANT BREAKTHROUGHS BIG TIP: If you aren’t practicing good team management yet, don’t hesitate. Get on it quickly! Have a conversation with your providers about when and why you expect to be notified.

OK, I know it’s impractical to believe this will happen with FedEx or UPS. However, there are many other providers, which you rely upon, who you should be having this conversation with. Yes, it might seem marginal now. Yet when something less than favorable occurs, you’ll be glad you had.

Please feel free to share in comments what you’ve noticed about practicing open communication with internal or external team management.  How effective and efficient is it to supporting your business’s success?


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