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A British Telephone Booth is a slightly snow covered country scene depicts team management requiring open communicaion

Team Management: Open communication saves time

Team Management Efficiency: Open communication Solo Entrepreneurs Require Equal Team Management Team management is essential for solo-entrepreneurs too! Team management is for every Business Owner-Leader out there. Why? There is no way that one person can do every single thing necessary in a business any longer. Too often we forget that much of what our […]

Delegate work, not your business Article

Delegate work, not your business How do you delegate work? Do you trust the people to whom you delegate work? Are you a micro-manager when you delegate work?  Delegate work, not your business, is essential to surviving and optimizing performance. Last Friday’s post, click here: Delegations Strategies sparked a great deal of interest. Many of […]

Delegation Strategies: Wk 8/25/14

      Delegation: Business Strategy & Tips for next week! “To truly understand business, you have to where all the hats before you can take some of them off.” ~ Jim McNelis, CEO, Dito, 2013 Inc. 500 Your Delegation Awareness: Delegation is a business strategy which isn’t implemented too effectively too often. Right now I bet […]