Bedtime Stories (comedy) teachebusiness strategies
of Limit limiting beliefs, Success isn’t enough,
& Shortcuts aren’t always the answer!

Bedtime Stories (2008) is an excellent Business Strategies movie! There were so many examples to relate to business it was amazing. What makes Bedtime Stories exceptional? Adam Sandler’s pure childlike simplicity that’s sheer genius. This is a well written family movie.

Skeeter (Adam Sandler’s character) lives in a small hotel with his father and older sister. Skeeter’s father was an exceptional father, but not a good businessman. Skeeter’s father loses the hotel, which is the family’s home. The story fast forwards to Skeeter’s adulthood. Skeeter is a handyman for the gent who bought the family hotel and converted it into a mega-hotel. The new hotel owner hasn’t upheld a promise. Skeeter is waiting for his moment to become the Hotel Manager. This unfulfilled promise is why this magical story begins.

Bedtime Stories Business Strategy
#1 Limit limiting beliefs  

Do you limit your potential by placing constraints upon your business’s success and profitability? If you’re like most Business Owners you do. The real question is, “Why?”  Why are you placing boundaries on something that prefers to be boundless to survive?

So often Business Owners are told, “You, are the obstacle to your business’s success.” For the most part this is true.  You are the only person who can make this change become a reality. What’s your next move?

The movie begins with a narrative of Skeeter’s childhood. We hear Skeeter’s father say, “Your fun is only limited by your imagination.” This is true in life and business. Too often in business we are austere. We forget to smile, laugh, be goofy, or human beings.

 Bedtime Stories Business Strategy
#2 Success isn’t enough – also need to be profitable

How is it that success isn’t enough? Success has many definitions. Technically a successful business is one that is profitable. However, many businesses appear to be success but aren’t profitable. But when you add profitability to success everything changes. The business capable of sustaining itself is unstoppable. Is this you and your business?

The hotel Skeeter grew up in APPEARED successful. Yet it was far from profitable. Are you, as the Business Owner, creating an illusion of success for your marketplace? What could you do to improve your profitability in the next 90 days? CLUE: Whatever you are thinking right now is what you need to do. Especially true if you really don’t want to do it!

Bedtime Stories Business Strategy
#3  Shortcuts aren’t always the answer!

Do you try to take short cuts? Sometimes short cuts are appropriate. Other times they aren’t. Too often Business Owners try to take out steps they don’t like doing. NOTE: Efficiency doesn’t always equate to effectiveness. Do you try to skimp too often? Are you minimizing or maximizing the steps to your success and profitability?

Skeeter tried to manipulate the bedtime stories to alter his reality. But this short cut was ineffective. He learns he needs a team of storytellers to collaborate with one another. This will bring the bedtime stories to actualization. Do you try to do everything yourself when you really need a team to assist and support?

Which Bedtimes Stories business strategy would serve YOUR Business best right now?  Or if you’ve seen the movie please share a different strategy you noticed. Please leave your answer in the comment section and let’s learn from each other! 


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