October 29


Patterns Support Business Owners Production Efforts

Patterns support YOUR Productivity illustrated by a word game with STRATEGY highlighted in red

Patterns support YOUR Productivity – even better when they are Right Actions

Patterns and Rhythms Support
Business Owners’ Production Efforts

Do you feel like there’s something missing?
Are loosing your cutting edge?

Have you unknowingly derailed your progress?

Patters are everywhere. As this time of year approaches we become even more aware of patterns and rhythms with the weather changes and the holiday season nearing. Have you noticed how dialed in you are to this? What about YOUR Business’s success patterns? Are you still holding them in place or have you demolished the patterns and rhythms which have supported you?

Patterns support Production in Business

Wow, that’s an understatement! Patterns support production in many aspects  of life! But let’s discuss YOUR Business. It and you have a natural rhythm of what you do and how you do it. Most likely you developed these patterns because they assisted you in accomplishing whatever your goals were. This is a good thing. There is a peace of mind with knowing how you move through your days.

Patterns may create Effectiveness and Efficiency

Do you have a rhythm to start your work day? Sure you do. We love patterns. Often times we feel agitated or stressed when we first begin a new job or task. This is common. It is a reflection of your uncertainty. It usually subsidizes over time. Why? You have created a pattern which helps you be more effective and/or efficient. Remember: effective is about being accurate and accomplishment, while efficient is about speed. It’s important to remember: Don’t give up effectiveness for efficiency.

What happens when your production is diminishing?

The moment you notice your production isn’t soaring is the moment you should begin reviewing what has changed. Change isn’t necessarily bad nor good. We shouldn’t be assigning a quality to change until we know if it has been appropriate or not.

Story of Shifting Patterns

Recently I met with someone who is changing their whole business model. Even picking up everything and moving to another region of the country. Why? She noticed that here effectiveness and efficiency were being hampered by her surroundings. Her solution: new place, new people, new patterns! Is she disrupting her efforts? Sure, but just for the moment.

Once she realized how unproductive she became, she decided to make radical changes. She didn’t waste any time. For some time, she will continue to gain great resistance from those closes to her. She’s accepted this because the benefit definitely outweighs the old patterns. Funny how those closes to her are making this positive change difficult for her, but others are fully supporting her change. Remember: we don’t like the uncertainty resulting from change.

New Patterns for New Results

As we are well into the 4th Quarter, look at YOUR Business. Review its performance.

Is it still accomplishing the intended goals?
Have new patterns slowly crept in rendering its effectiveness and efficiency minimal?
What changes can be made to improve circumstances?

Now it’s your turn… You are the Business Owner of YOUR Business. This essential means you are a Business Leader.

Where are you leading YOUR Business?
Are you showing up as a leader?
What’s YOUR Business’s Vision – according to you?
Are you still taking right actions to support your vision or has it changed and your actions haven’t kept up with the changes?
NOTE: Better Leaders have visions and develop strategies to actualize their visions.

Now, yes right now, is the time to start new patterns. Even if you must make time during your nonworking hours over the weekend, take the time to ponder which actions need to be adjusted. Choose new right actions and create new patterns to support YOUR Visions of YOUR Leadership and YOUR Business’s Performance. Promptly activate these new patterns.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything you’d like. We are here to help you support new patterns  for acomplishing YOUR Business Goals…


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