September 7


Routines and Systems for Successful Business

Routines depicted by a train yards wiring, signals, tracks, and train. All in black and white.
Routines and systems need to be honored for optimum business performance

Routines & Systems are what every successful business
falls back upon to show up well.
Does your business?

Routines and systems are what makes champions champs! Is YOUR Business’s performance considered a champ or a chump? Perhaps it’s somewhere in between. Routines and systems really matter to perform at consistent and high levels. Doubt me? Ask any Olympian or pro-athlete. Even what, when, and how they eat is a routine which  is part of a bigger system to keep their performance world-class.

Small businesses tend to behave much like a baby. They are dependent upon their Business Owner to consistently tend to their every need. Babies need to be fed. YOUR Business needs to be fed sales to grow. Babies need diapers changed. YOUR Business needs good customer service or things get messy. Babies need to be bathed routinely. YOUR Business needs you to regularly update your product and service offerings. Babies need a translator to communicate what they’re up to. YOUR Business needs active marketing so your marketplace knows what you’re up to at all times.

Marketing simplicity depicted by two infants laying on a plaid blanket as they reach out to eachother.

Babies and YOUR Business Need Routines

Babies need routines of when to eat, sleep, diaper changes, play time, etc. So do you and YOUR Business! Routines, which we usually call a system for effective and efficient operations, is key to helping your baby (business) grow strong. Not only does it help your business grow; it also helps to guide your actions. Additionally is helps YOUR Marketplace and Customers know what to expect from you.

Here’s a commonly known routine: When the fall football season starts we see more beer, pizza, and car commercials. But what if your favorite product wasn’t showing up during footballs games’ commercial time. For years and years they did, and this season they aren’t?!?!

You’d think there is something wrong. Right? Sure. Why aren’t they in their routine? What is going on? Are they viable any longer or do you need to find a new favorite? This is a great way to confuse customers. Do you do this to your customers?

Bathing your business baby depicted by a baby bathing in a bathtub.

Which routine or system of YOUR Business needs to be followed better?

Routines and systems matter… have you ever gone out for dinner and had to ask for a menu, water, or the check? It’s not good service when any of this happens. This is a routine for any restaurant. It’s part of their customer service system. Their routines, just like our routines, keep us performing well.

ACTION ITEM: Take some time this week to figure out how you can create or honor a good routine/system for your business to improve your operations and grow your business.

Next post we will discuss networking or teaching your baby to share. Have fun tightening up or creating a new routine.

Please feel free to comment or share what routine you’d like to master in the next month to improve YOUR Business’s success… see the p.s. below for mine…


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