July 13


Focusing on goals instead of the negatives

Focusing on goals depicted with hand written message "Try CHANGE as a Business Strategy"
Focusing on goals and new actions NOW for year end success

Focusing on goals is paramount
to a business’s success

When focusing on goals instead of the negative(s), every aspect of your business must be reorganized. Why? The negative people, circumstances, or items will still occur in business on any given day. However, once you start making changes, everything must change.

Making the change from negatives to goals

When you begin focusing on goals instead of the negative, you begin reallocating your thoughts and making right actions to support your goals. As you start focusing on goals more often, you start changing your behaviors and actions. Ultimately, moving you closer to your business’s success and minimizing more hindrances.

We are at 2015’s calendar midpoint:
Are you focusing on the goals which matter?

This week we are already 2 weeks into the second half of 2015’s production goals. As you review your year’s midpoint of production/revenue, are your numbers where they’re suppose to be (at pace)? If yes, what are you doing to continue focusing on your goals? If no, look and see what has been missing or distracting you. Look closely, sometimes it’s something that isn’t immediately noticed.

To demonstrate how to lead with integrity there are golden fireworks and "Your Excellence Matters" in Purple
To Lead with Integrity is Excellence in Action

How many hours of time would you like to spend this month for you to eliminate missed goals at the end of this year?

If you are at pace or ahead of it, how can you stay focused on meeting your annual goals? If you aren’t at pace yet, why aren’t you there? What changed from what you initial intended? Take the time to look for it. When goals aren’t being met, there are usually several factors which have impeded your success. If you take the time to look for them, you will find them and be able to correct your business’ performance mid-year.

TIP: Take the time to do this self-investment exercise now. It will save you a ton of frustration come fall and during the holiday season! Let’s simply 2015’s success today.

Feel free to leave a comment or question regarding focusing on goals. Which goal(s) require your focus for the rest of this year?


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