January 29


Goals Supporting New Outcomes

YOUR New Outcomes Supported by Goals

Do you know goals support the new outcomes you seek?
How can goals support you?
Are you creating new behaviors to get new results?

Alright, this is your Coach talking to you… Are you wanting to create new outcomes, get different results, or even tweak something just a little bit? I don’t know anyone who would say “no” to this. So let’s get cracking on creating some joy and peace in your corner of the world 🙂

Goals do support the new outcomes or results you seek

OK, we established it’s time for a change, right? So let’s think about what you really want to actualize in your life… is it a new activity, a new group of friends, new business relationships, new image, or even new travel. I didn’t forget new toys – I believe this really falls under new activity also.

New results start with new behavior (thoughts and actions)

So you want something different than what you are already experiencing – great! There is nothing wrong with this… after all, this is how we now have electricity and automobiles 🙂 So what do you want and what are you willing to change to get what you want?

Here’s my little story on this… as most of my followers know I was in a nasty motorcycle crash early last spring. It left me unable to function normally for about half a year (I’m almost healed – yay!). The bummer of this was I had deep spring cleaning planned for late April and May. You know, the one where you go through everything, even the closets, with a fine tooth comb. When my life was place on “pause” because I couldn’t move my right arm, guess what happened? Not my deep cleaning and for that matter, no cleaning!!! Eventually routine cleaning occurred again, but the deep cleaning required being more physical than I was capable. Fast-forward, I am doing better now and have learn how to adapt.

So what do you think is really bothering me these days? Closets! I heard myself saying, “I just want a clean house”. This is an inaccurate statement because my house is clean. The outcome I’m really seek is to be thoroughly organized again. And with that clarity, I understood that I needed to create a new thought pattern and new actions.

So what do you think I did next? I opened one of the closets and just started pulling everything out of it and grouping the closet stuff into organized piles. I don’t have big blocks of time to do this like I’d prefer so I am doing it in spurts! Right now, I have a lot of stuff all over that room, but let me share with you that those 3 empty shelves look pretty satisfying to me 🙂 Why? I know that the clutter won’t exist here any longer and I am fulfilling my goal. Then, I will repeat it in other covert areas of our home.

Goals definitely support creating new outcomes

Staying with my example, let me share how I choose to utilize this de-cluttering/organizing goal. Obviously my closets will be organized soon. To support this: I will be creating a new action by reviewing documents, catalogs, and magazines while I watch a comedy when I wind down at the end of the day. When I have a couple of moments or even walk by the closet I’m working, I am working it just a little bit more. I have already cleared half the house doing this and when I’m in those rooms I make sure things just don’t get plopped and forgotten – keeping them clean is a breeze with about 30 seconds of thought and action. Ultimately, I am getting 2 goals accomplished (clean and organized).

So what is your version of my closets? What seeks your attention to create new thoughts and actions to actualize new outcomes to experience? Whether it’s a biggy or a less involved goal, the steps really are the same. Gift yourself a new outcome this year – you deserve it!

Goals being Supported
Goals being Supported

Want a refresher on how to create effective Goals?

Link to our Monday’s theme this month (Goals): the purpose of goals, basics of developing solid goals, the benefit of goals, and measuring results of your goals. Read these 4 posts and you’ll be all set to develop any goals to support your success!

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: What are you seeking to bring into your life this year? You know mine! Now it’s your turn to share so we can learn from each others best practices.


If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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